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Maximilien pierrette

Maximilien Pierrette

Cinema journalist

Caught by the distant Star Wars galaxy at light speed, stunned by the Matrix, bewitched by 2001, enthralled by the battles of Middle-earth, frightened by the dinos of Jurassic Park… He owes some of his finest slaps to these universes which made him travel while remaining seated.

Hugh Jackman, Thandiwe Newton, Daniel Wu and director Lisa Joy come back with us on “Reminiscence” and the importance of memories in their work. And they answer the following question: can we see it as a metaphor for cinema?

By moving from the small to the big screen, Lisa Joy confirms her love for science fiction. With Reminiscence, her first feature film as a director, the co-creator of Westworld plunges us into the near future with a private investigator capable of investigating by exploring the memories of her clients.

In the company of her actors Hugh Jackman, Thandiwe Newton and Daniel Wu, the director and screenwriter returns with us to the origins of this anticipatory film noir, and everyone talks about the importance of memories in their profession. Before answering the following question: what if this idea of ​​projecting the content of memory was a metaphor for cinema?

Interview by Maximilien Pierrette and Emmanuel Itier – Editing: Constance Mathews

“Reminiscence” has been on view at the cinema since August 25:

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