Reminiscence trailer: Hugh Jackman in a mysterious thriller by Westworld creator Lisa Joy

Reminiscence trailer: Hugh Jackman in a mysterious thriller by Westworld creator Lisa Joy

At the crossroads of film noir and science fiction, “Reminiscence” is the first film directed by Lisa Joy (“Westworld”). Hugh Jackman leads the investigation into memories there and the first trailer is intriguing.

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Co-creator of Westworld, Lisa Joy goes from the small to the big screen and temporarily abandons the androids. But his taste for science fiction and mental puzzles seems intact, if we trust the first images of Reminiscence, a thriller that will combine the future and the past.

The action indeed takes place in the near future, as Miami is swamped by the waves due to global warming, and we follow a private investigator who investigates the memories of his clients. Until the day when a new affair obsesses him to the point of losing him in a time loop and confronting him with aspects of his personality that he did not know. Or had perhaps buried.

In view of the images, we sometimes think of Memento and Inception, directed by Lisa Joy’s brother-in-law, Christopher Nolan, but also of Blade Runner or Minority Report. All in a film noir tale from which Reminiscence seems to take several codes, from the private detective (Hugh Jackman) to the femme fatale (Rebecca Ferguson), through an imagery that one would think from an opus from the 1930s.

A cocktail which, for the moment, surprises and intrigues. Expected on August 18 in our theaters, the feature film could even be one of the highlights of the summer. For his casting, where we will also find Thandiwe Newton and Daniel Wu. For his subject and his original screenplay, which we can already imagine full of twists. And for the atmosphere that emerges from this trailer.

Both very current, when it comes to global warming or the world on the verge of chaos, and turned towards the History of Cinema, Reminiscence will obviously try to combine content and form. With the warmth of a loving passion that we glimpse in this trailer illustrated by the song “Save My Love”. Which rhythm at times the editing in a fun way.

Get ready now to get carried away. And to rack your brains.

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