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Available on Prime Video, the series “Remember … Last Summer” is inspired by the 1997 horror film. The origin of this slasher is the eponymous book by author Lois Duncan , whose personal life was marked by a tragic tragedy.

Remember last summer: the tragic true story behind the horror film - news...
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Before being the horror film and the series that we know, Remember… last summer is above all a book written by Lois Duncan, author of several children’s novels. Published in 1973 in the United States, the work was published in France 4 years later under the title Like in a bad dream. It tells of the nightmare of a group of teenagers spied on by a stranger, a year after they hit a person on the road.

The book is very different from the Hollywood movie. The characters run over a child rather than an adult and there is no crochet killer, only an increasingly menacing crow. Many also ignore the dramatic story of novelist Lois Duncan, haunted by the murder of her own daughter, Kaitlyn Arquette.

In 1989, the young woman was 18 and had just graduated. She she joined a college in New Mexico with the hope of one day entering medical school. She moved into an apartment with Dung Ngoc Nguyen, her boyfriend who was 8 years older than her. After the move in, the relationship between the couple becomes more complicated. Kaitlyn plans to leave her mate and lets her mother know.

A month after her installation, on July 16, 1989, the student was brutally killed by two bullets in the head while she was in the car. His vehicle, out of control, subsequently collided with a lamppost. Taken urgently to the hospital, she does not survive her injuries. Very quickly, the victim’s boyfriend is accused. Six months later, the authorities deliver their verdict: faced with a lack of evidence, Dung Ngoc Nguyen is cleared and the crime is closed.

This drama turns the life of Lois Duncan upside down, who no longer manages to write. For years, the author does everything to find the murderer of her daughter and even hires a private detective. In 1992, she published Who Killed My Daughter?, a book in which she documents her research to solve the case.

Lois Duncan interviewed by presenter Larry King:

Five years later, the novelist discovers at the last moment that her book, Like in a bad dream, is about to be adapted for cinema by Sony. She is invited to the premiere of Remember … last summer and understands that his work has been totally altered against his will. The author, still in the shock of her personal drama, cannot bear to see teenagers being murdered and decides to leave the room.

Afterwards, her obsession did not leave her and, in 2013, she published a new book on the murder of her child. Entitled One of the wolves, the book focuses this time on the legal battle fought by the family to advance the investigation and finally find out the truth.

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After years of unanswered questions, the case ends in August 2021. A 53-year-old man, Paul Apodaca, confesses to committing three murders and three rapes to New Mexico police officers. Among the victims, Kaitlyn Arquette, daughter of Lois Duncan. To explain his gesture, the murderer speaks of his “hatred of women”. Deceased 5 years earlier, on June 15, 2016, the novelist will never have known the end of the story despite her relentless research.

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