Remember last summer on Prime Video: is the show better than the movie? -…

The flagship horror film of the nineties, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sarah Michelle Gellar, returns. Well almost. It is in the form of a series that “Remember … last summer” returns to the screens. To discover on Prime Video.

Remember last summer on prime video: is the show better than the movie? -...
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In a city full of secrets, a group of teenagers are tracked down by a mysterious killer, a year after a fatal accident on their graduation night.

Remember… last summer, a series created by Sara Goodman.

Available on Prime Video.

The first 4 episodes are available on October 15, then one per week.


Forget Jennifer Love Hewitt as Julie James. Madison Iseman is the new heroine of this series. Without revealing too much, she actually embodies two characters: twin sisters. The young actress previously appeared in both new films Jumanji or Annabelle – The House of Evil. By his side, Ezekiel Goodman from the series Rat Bastard plays Dylan; Ashley Moore, appeared in the film Pop star, performer Riley; Brianne Tju, who was also in the series Scream, lends his features to Margot and Sebastian Amoruso plays Johnny. The cast is completed by Bill Heck (Locke & Key, The Alienist), Cassie Beck (Elementary) and Brooke Bloom (Extremely loud and incredibly close).


1997. While Scream creates the event around the world, Hollywood is reviving the trend of slashers. Writer Kevin Williamson, propelled by the success of the horror film by Wes Craven and Dawson, suggests Remember… last summer, an adaptation of the eponymous novel by Lois Duncan, published in 1973. The story is simple: a gang of teenagers runs over a man in a car. Rather than calling the police, they dispose of the body and swear to secrecy. A year later, threats arise. Someone knows and intends to take revenge.

Twenty-four years later, what’s left of Remember … last summer ? After two sequels – including a direct DVD release – the thriller has not aged as well as Scream. It has, despite everything, forged a small status of cult film, especially on the side of the most nostalgic. Its popularity remains high enough today thata series see the day. Let’s kill the suspense right now: this new fiction has little to do with the original film, let alone the book. There is always a group of teenagers, a car accident and a blackmailer, but the rest is quite different.

Remember last summer on prime video: is the show better than the movie? -...
Prime Video

Madison Iseman in “Remember … Last Summer”.

Good or bad idea, it’s up to viewers to decide. The creator Sara goodman completely frees himself from previous works and makes any attempt at comparison complicated. This Remember … last summer version 2021 remains true to the spirit of the slasher – a killer in pursuit of young victims -, but flirts with Euphoria when it comes to taking an interest in the world of adolescents. Excess, drugs, social networks… certain traits are – on purpose? – caricatured and depict a completely different youth than that of the generation Buffy.

No fisherman on the hook, but more blood

The decor is also different. Finished the small American fishing town, the plot is located this time in Hawaii. Therefore, the crochet fisherman in his black oilskin is absent. If this new killer acts off-screen during the first episodes, he reveals himself as the story progresses and is shown to be much more violent than in the films. This is also one of the positive points of the series: the horror and the original kills.

On the casting side, the young actors have the difficult task of succeeding emblematic faces of the nineties, in particular those of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jennifer love hewittEveryone is doing pretty well, especially Madison Iseman who manages to play two drastically opposed characters.

For sure, Remember … last summer should, from its first minutes, disconcert fans of the original. Yet this is what makes it interesting. The series, both sexy and bloody, is not content with being a simple remake and is totally different from the previous films. The opportunity therefore to make a clean sweep of this plot with a more contemporary approach. For the disappointed, there will always be the 1997 film.

Check out the series trailer:

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