Reggaeton therapy in the Spanish team to forget Japan | Women’s Soccer World Cup 2023


An hour before the training began, the catchy notes and lyrics were already thundering in the dressing room of Spain, reggaeton that tops the music charts. From Columbia from Quevedo to LALA by Mike Towers, going through Arranca by Becky G and something simple by Marta Santos, but also various melodies such as One plus one is seven by Fran Perea or songs by Camela. “Music depends on the days. Some maybe we are with a mood a little more melancholic and we play quieter music, and others are higher up and we play reggaeton all the time”, revealed Oihane; “and this afternoon [por ayer] we were on top.” A sign that the upset has passed, that the team is not looking back but to what is to come, Switzerland in the round of 16, even though they all came to the same conclusion: “We weren’t so good before and not so bad now” .

Japan’s four goals hurt the team. “It was hard, but he has reconsidered and we know that there are always difficult moments and that the important thing is to get up after the fall”, explained Salma Paralluelo. “It is a stick that we did not expect and we have spent a couple of days in which it is difficult for you to get up, but the chip change alone. The team knows what it has come for and a defeat does not have to lower our morale. We don’t feel less like footballers and the euphoria and illusions have not diminished”, Jenni added. “They were a couple of screwed up days because the way he got lost hurt, but it’s already forgotten and the team is more united than ever, we’re rowing in the same direction together with the staff technician,” Athenea intervened. Although for Jenni not everyone thinks the same. “After what has happened [en referencia al follón de las 15 jugadoras que en su día decidieron no ser convocables con la selección], if you get into social networks… We know that failure is always expected and there are people who are happy. But to those I say that if they do not want to continue on the Spanish ship, they should get off.

The footballers of La Roja have not done it, vitaminized after a day with loved ones. “It is always good to clear up, there are many days together 24/7,” Jenni reviewed. “Being with the family was a relief because it brings peace of mind and happiness, which was necessary after Japan,” Ona added. “It’s a plus that helps you disconnect,” said Athenea. Same as music.

With Irene Guerrero and Jenni as DJs, reggaeton encouraged the team in the locker room and later in the gym, to the point that they could be heard singing heartily. “There are many of us who dance and sing, we are active,” revealed Salma. “I don’t have a lot of rhythm, but I sing, I dance, I do whatever it takes to bring joy out,” said Athenea, who pointed to Jenni, Misa and Esther as dancers. “Yes, they are funny, yes,” Ona clarified. And so, between laughter and music, Spain forgot Japan.

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