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Reef Break (M6) : que pense Poppy Montgomery de sa voix française ?

Former “Unforgettable” star Poppy Montgomery is back with “Reef Break”, which airs every Friday on M6. A series in which she is again dubbed in French by Rafaèle Moutier, on whom she is full of praise.

ABC / Vince Valitutti

After FBI: Missing and Unforgettable, Australian actress Poppy Montgomery is back on the small screen with Reef Break, a new “fun and sexy” detective series aired every Friday night on M6 since July 3. She plays Cat Chambers, a former criminal who is also a former surfing champion, who on her return to Reef Island, the archipelago where she grew up, agrees to help the police to solve thorny crimes at the request of the governor of the ‘Isle.

And if Poppy Montgomery, at the initiative of the series, wanted to embark on this adventure, it is because Reef Break encompassed everything she dreamed of as an actress, as she told us in an interview: “I wanted to do something that was fun for me and that all of my kids could watch. And I also wanted to be in a show that my audience would understand and find themselves in. It has elements of other shows that I have in it. I played. I keep solving mysteries, but the tone is lighter and sexier. I also wanted to be in a love triangle. That’s all I wish I had in my life actually (laughs). could have anything I want, I would like two handsome kids fighting for me, I would speed boats, surf, solve crimes and live in a great house on the beach. ‘is what we imagined “.

ABC / Kane Skennar

As for her previous major television roles, it is the actress Rafaèle Moutier, specialized in dubbing, who once again lends her voice to Poppy Montgomery in the French version of Reef Break, to the delight of fans, but also from the interpreter of Cat Chambers herself, who is full of praise for her French voice. “It is the actress who already doubled me in FBI: Missing and Unforgettable”, Poppy Montgomery told TVLine in 2019. “It’s crazy, she speaks exactly like me and one has the impression that her sentences match perfectly with the movements of my lips, while she speaks French and I English. I haven’t met her yet but I am some little in awe of his work “.

A nice statement to Rafaèle Moutier, who doubles it in French since 2002, and whose voice is well known to the French public since the actress has also lent her voice to Emily Procter in CSI: Miami, Lisa Rinna in Melrose Place, Carmen Electra in Alert to Malibu, and more recently to Renée Zellweger in the Netflix series What / If. But also on the big screen to Andie MacDowell, Jessica Chastain, Lena Headey, Julianne Moore, Laura Dern, or even Catherine Zeta-Jones in many films. Just that.

The trailer for Reef Break, which continues tonight on M6:

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