Rebecca on TF1: what is this breathtaking new thriller with Anne Marivin and Benjamin Biolay worth …

Adapted from the British thriller “Marcella”, “Rebecca” arrives this Thursday evening on TF1. For the occasion, Anne Marivin plays a depressed police inspector, who will resume service to try to solve an old case.

What is it about ?

Six years after having given up on the hunt for a serial killer and left the police, Rebecca decides to return to service to escape the depression that gnaws at her and keeps her away from her husband and her children. Back in The Criminal, she investigates a series of murders and is convinced that the killer is the one she had not been able to stop six years ago. She pursues him fiercely but memory loss disrupts her work. And when one of the victims turns out to be her husband’s mistress, she finds herself directly involved: why was she the only one to know where this woman’s corpse was? Was it the serial killer who killed her… or was it her, during one of these blackouts? How to investigate when you think yourself guilty?

Rebecca is going to have to reconstruct her past piece by piece to discover the terrifying event that triggered her neurosis and may have led her to kill …

Rebecca is broadcast from this Thursday, November 18 from 9:05 p.m. on TF1. The complete season 1 is already available on Salto. Episodes seen: 5/8.

Who is it with?

For its new detective fiction, TF1 called on a five-star cast. It is Anne Marivin, an actress discovered in Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis and that we recently saw in Ten percent, who plays Rebecca.

Her mysterious and manipulative husband is played by singer Benjamin Biolay while Patrick Timsit abandons comic roles to play a more than chilling serial killer. Samir Guesmi (Les RevENTS), Clotilde Courau (Benedetta) and Baptiste Lecaplain (Pitch) lend their features to our protagonist’s colleagues.

Finally Valérie Karsenti (the iconic Liliane from Scènes de Ménages) and Grégory Montel (Dix Pour Cent) respectively play the mother and brother of the victim, who is played by Pauline Cheviller. Salim Kechiouche and Ophélia Kolb complete the cast.

On the technical side, it was Didier Le Pêcheur and Delphine Labouret who took care of the scenarios. The former, who also directed the cast on Rebecca, previously worked on Unfaithful and Perfect Crimes, while the latter cut her teeth on My Wish List.

Well worth a look ?

After A man of honor, Unfaithful or Gloria, TF1 is once again tackling a foreign series with Rebecca, remake of Marcella, a British production offered in France on Netflix. Created by Didier Le Pêcheur and Delphine Labouret, who both worked on The Innocents, this detective series in 8 episodes of classic appearance gains in originality thanks to its main character, victim of memory loss which throws areas of blur on his investigation.

Is Rebecca a murderer or is she the victim of her ex-husband’s manipulation? How do you solve a murder when you think you are the perpetrator? From the first episode, viewers are caught up in this complex, intense and timeless story, and they too try to understand what is happening to the heroine.

Rebecca on tf1: what is this breathtaking new thriller with anne marivin and benjamin biolay worth...

Anne Marivin plays Rebecca.

If the first episodes sometimes leave us a little hungry, the second part of the season offers us revelations worthy of the greatest thrillers with great flashbacks, which gradually lift the veil on gray areas.

Anne Marivin, who embodies a Rebecca at odds with the roles she is used to wearing, here offers a remarkable and subtle performance. She succeeds with accuracy in encamping this policewoman in search of truth who must face her own doubts in order to solve her investigation.

For his part, Patrick Timsit, who slips into the skin of a serial killer tracked down by Rebecca, is freezing realism. Each of his appearances gives us chills… The revelation of the series remains Baptiste Lecaplain, who here takes his first steps on television on a prime-listening channel in the role of the “service geek” who learns the tricks of the trade. This dramatic register suits him perfectly, which only suggests good things for the rest of his career.

In short, Rebecca is a breathtaking, captivating and rich in twists and turns thriller based on the nuanced interpretation of a grandiose Anne Marivin.

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