Ready Player One, Jaws, ET, the extra-terrestrial… 5 classics by Steven…

Ready Player One Jaws ET the extra terrestrial… 5 classics by

Innovative filmmaker, the only one to have been nominated for the Oscar for best director for 6 consecutive decades: Steven Spielberg is honored on Prime Video with the arrival of Ready Player One. Back to 5 of his timeless pieces to see on the platform.

Ready Player One

Wade Watts is a young orphan played by Tye Sheridan. In the year 2045, humanity has taken refuge in the OASIS, a connected haven of peace that allows its players to escape reality. A gigantic treasure hunt organized by the creator of this metaverse challenges competitors to designate the heir to his colossal fortune, and control of the virtual world. Wade is in a frantic race against Sorrento (Ben Mendelsohn), the boss of a huge corporation, who wants to grab hold of the OASIS…

Particular film in the career of Steven Spielberg, Ready Player One swept across the big screens around the world in 2018 and was a resounding success. Dealing with video games in the broad sense and our relationship to the virtual, the feature film is full of references, and is a true ode to pop culture.

Find Ready Player One on Prime Video.


Striking by its ingenuity of staging, Jaws is however only the 4th feature film directed by Spielberg. Revealing the filmmaker to the general public, he is also the very first to have exceeded the symbolic milestone of 100 million dollars in revenue in the United States. The music, still as effective and chilling 45 years later, is signed John Williamsa great regular at Spielberg productions.

In this horror thriller, a great white shark attacks vacationers on the East Coast of the United States. To kill the sea monster, the local police chief, a hunter and a biologist form a shock team, but they are far from suspecting the real size of the animal…

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ET, the extra-terrestrial

In 2022, ET, the extra-terrestrial celebrates its 40th candle! Remained the highest-grossing film in history for 11 years before being overtaken by Jurassic Park, another production by Steven Spielberg, it is not only a commercial success. Acclaimed by audiences and critics, it is now considered one of the most cult films that have had a considerable influence on cinema.

In this family tale, ET, a wandering alien on Earth, is taken in by Elliott, 10, a whipping boy for his big brother and his friends. The boy must at all costs protect this incongruous guest who has become his friend, because the government is actively looking for him. The result of this hymn to friendship and sincerity is 4 Oscars obtained, and scenes engraved in the memories of many generations.

Find ET, the extra-terrestrial on Prime Video.

Stop me if you can

Also celebrating his birthday in 2022, but this time his 20th birthday, Stop me if you can is adapted from the true story of Frank Abagnale Junior. It features two actors just as legendary as the director: Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks who play off each other in a delightful game of cat and mouse.

One is Frank Abagnale Jr, a con man who consistently slips through the cracks of the authorities, and the other is Carl Hanratty, an honest and persistent FBI agent. By forging checks and diplomas, Frank pretends to be an airline pilot, a doctor or a lawyer. His taste for lies, he acquires it when his parents, embodied by Nathalie Baye and Christopher Walken, continually vying for custody. To escape the sadness of the family home, what better than to invent a new life?

Watch Catch Me If You Can on Prime Video.

Minority Report

In 2054, crime has become non-existent. Mutant beings, the precogs, are able to see the future and prevent crimes from being committed. John Anderton, head of the unit responsible for intercepting future crimes, receives a vision from the precogs bearing his name: in 36 hours, he will be guilty of a crime. He then chooses to flee in order to avoid arrest.

Adaptation of the eponymous novel by Philip K. Dickanother master of science fiction, Minority Reportalso released in 2002, is a visionary and fascinating film marking the very first collaboration between Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise3 years before War of the Worlds. From plan to plan 2001, a space odyssey to references to Clockwork Orangethere are many nods to Stanley KubrickSpielberg’s friend and mentor who died shortly before filming.

Find Minority Report on Prime Video.

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