Razer Finger Sleeves Look Weird, But I Need a Pair

Razer has announced today that it is launching a new gaming accessory, the Razer Gaming Finger Sleeve. Woven with high-sensitivity silver fiber, the thumb sleeves aim to give players better control on touch screens and additional comfort thanks to breathable fabric.

Razer Gaming Sleeves are not for your arms, where you usually associate the word sleeve. These new fashion-forward accessories are actually for your thumbs, looking like the baby Digimon stage for gloves and glittens. The sleeves themselves aren’t the stuff of fashion nightmares, as they look form-fitting even in a universal size, and the black, green, and silver color scheme is what we can expect from Razer products. Despite the uncanniness of putting fabric on just your thumbs, they look completely fine.

Gamer playing fortnite on mobile with the razer gaming finger sleeves

Of course, you are not wearing these sleeves to the next Met Gala or to your cousin’s bat mitzvah. These are here to help players with mobile games. This is something that I personally desperately need. To be blunt, my thumbs are a little crooked. Twisted might be the more apt word. Not really noticeable, but definitely obvious when I am trying to text or play a game on my phone. Instead of carefully aiming a headshot in PUBG Mobile or texting my partner about a funny meme I saw, I will just drag my nails on the screen. You can see the scratch marks on my screen that look like a chicken claiming territory on a quadrant of my phone.

With these gaming sleeves, I can finally have the accuracy that many mobile games require. I no longer have to avoid fast-paced games out of fear I will hinder my team because my thumbs decide to grind on my screen like a 2000s teenager with Soaps on their shoes. Look I get it, they do kind of look weird. However, if they do what it says on the box with improving accuracy and control on touch screens, then I am all on board.

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