Raya and the last dragon on Disney +: from what age to see the film?  - Cinema News

Raya and the last dragon on Disney +: from what age to see the film? – Cinema News

Originally expected in theaters, “Raya and the Last Dragon” is finally available on Disney + since Friday, June 4, ready to take you on a family trip to the kingdom of Kumandra. But who is the audience for the film?

Recommended from 6 years old – Currently on Disney +

• Once upon a time : Long ago, in the imaginary kingdom of Kumandra, humans and dragons lived in harmony. But one day, an evil force swept over the kingdom and the dragons sacrificed themselves to save mankind. When this force reappears five centuries later, Raya, a lone warrior, sets out in search of the legendary last dragon to restore harmony to the land of Kumandra, among a now divided people.

A long journey begins for her, during which she will discover that she will need more than a dragon to save the world, and that trust and mutual aid will be essential to lead this perilous mission to success.

• What they will love: Raya and the Last Dragon is the latest feature film from Disney Animation Studios. And it contains all the ingredients that have made them successful in family entertainment: a fictional universe (but inspired by various cultures of Southeast Asia) full of magic, fun sidekicks, rhythm and beautiful values ​​on friendship or the need to be united.

Everything is there for children, young and old, to fully escape in this exotic adventure that sometimes recalls Vaiana, in her way of exploring a culture with a heroine who comes out of the clichés that we frequently associate with the disney princess. Raya is more of a warrior here, which can also allow the boys to identify with her, as the French vocal cast clarified on our microphone.

When they won’t laugh thanks to the pranks of the dragon Sisu, the mischievous Boun, Baby Noi or the monkey Ongis, and won’t crack in front of the cute (and imposing) Tuk Tuk, the feature film will be sure to impress them. and put stars in their eyes.

• What may worry them: There is really nothing to be afraid of, especially since it is more and more frequent on the side of big animated films. But Raya and the Last Dragon lasts 1h47, including the end credits, and it may seem long for the youngest. A viewing in several parts could therefore prove to be necessary, but the whole should not scare them, except for a few classic Disney animated ingredients, such as impressive creatures or disappearances of characters.

The regulars of the studio’s productions could however be destabilized, because the liveliness of the action scenes give it a rhythm more reminiscent of certain blockbusters than the Disney animated films, while the absence of a song (except in the credits of end), will undoubtedly surprise more than one. But the result is not more adult for all that, even if it will take several years for the youngest spectators to grasp the entire subtext on mutual aid, and the parallels between our world and the tensions that make Kumandra a divided kingdom.

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• What they will keep inside: The feeling of having lived a great adventure. Full of action, humor, twists and turns and magic, and which renews the image of the Disney princess to which the studio had accustomed us. By making friendship and family the key to this self-help and unity-centric tale, Raya and the Last Dragon shouldn’t fail to speak to everyone, to varying degrees, confirming her status as entertainment for all.

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