Raya and the last dragon: a new teaser under the sign of adventure for this Disney film – cinema news

Adventure, humor and emotion are on the program for this new teaser of “Raya and the Last Dragon”, the latest Disney, which is scheduled for release in early March in France. These new images were unveiled last night during the 2021 SuperBowl.

Raya and the last dragon a new teaser under the

On the occasion of the Super Bowl which was held last night in the United States, Disney offers us new images of its new feature film, Raya and the last dragon.

Raya and the Last Dragon is inspired by the traditions and cultures of the peoples of Southeast Asia. The plot takes place in the imaginary kingdom of Kumandra where humans and dragons lived in harmony. But one day, an evil force swept over the kingdom and the dragons sacrificed themselves to save humanity. When this force reappears five centuries later, Raya, a lone warrior, sets out in search of the legendary last dragon to restore harmony to the land of Kumandra, among a now divided people. A long journey begins for her during which she will discover that she will need much more than a dragon to save the world, and that trust and mutual aid will be essential to lead this perilous mission to success …

For the record, Raya recently brought forward its release date in France: it is now scheduled for March 3, 2021 (subject to the reopening of cinemas). The film was originally due for release on March 31, 2021 in France. The film will also be offered simultaneously at the cinema and on Disney + in Premium Access on March 5 in the United States and in countries offering the service, with the exception of France.

The film is co-directed by Don Hall, Carlos Lopez Estrada, Paul Briggs and John Ripa.

On the vocal casting side for the original version, we find Awkwafina, who doubles Sisu, the last dragon, while the Vietnamese-born actress Kelly Marie Tran, seen in Star Wars, lends her voice to Raya. Note that this is the first actress from Southeast Asia to play a Disney heroine.

For the French version, the vocal cast will be made up of Géraldine Nakache, who doubles the dragon Sisu, Anggun, who will be the head Virana, and Frédéric Chau will be Benja, the wise and pacifist father of Raya. Finally, Émilie Rault will be the determined warrior, Raya. Note that this is the first time that the singer Anggun will lend her voice to an animated film. We could have seen her as an actress with Claude Lelouch a few years ago.

Raya and the Last Dragon Trailer, with French Voices