Ratched, 9-1-1, American Horror Story: Is Ryan Murphy making too many playoffs? [PODCAST] – Podcast Series

While “Ratched” & “American Horror Story 1984” are currently a hit on Netflix, we take stock of the work of prolific creator, director and producer Ryan Murphy, the king of American television. Does he still have things to say?

Ratched, 9-1-1, american horror story: is ryan murphy making too many playoffs? [podcast] - podcast series

The irreverent and unspeakable Ryan Murphy, the creator, among others, of Glee, American Horror Story, 9-1-1 or even Hollywood, is he doing too much? Does he still have things to say? We look back on his career in a special show where we debrief Ratched, the strengths and weaknesses of his work, his exclusive contract with Netflix, his (many) projects …

> The program is prepared and presented by Jean-Maxime Renault, accompanied by Mégane Choquet, Thomas Desroches and Jérémie Dunand. Editing, mixing and dressing: Julien Lambert.

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