Ratched, 9-1-1, American Horror Story: Is Ryan Murphy making too many playoffs? [PODCAST] – Podcast Series

While “Ratched” & “American Horror Story 1984” are currently a hit on Netflix, we take stock of the work of prolific creator, director and producer Ryan Murphy, the king of American television. Does he still have things to say?

The irreverent and unspeakable Ryan Murphy, the creator, among others, of Glee, American Horror Story, 9-1-1 or even Hollywood, is he doing too much? Does he still have things to say? We look back on his career in a special show where we debrief Ratched, the strengths and weaknesses of his work, his exclusive contract with Netflix, his (many) projects …

> The program is prepared and presented by Jean-Maxime Renault, accompanied by Mégane Choquet, Thomas Desroches and Jérémie Dunand. Editing, mixing and dressing: Julien Lambert.

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