Rasta Rockett: which stars were expected in the bobsleigh team?

“Rasta Rockett” is available on Disney + and airs on W9 this February 25. If the faces of Junior, Sanka or Derice are well known to fans, they could have been very different if we are to believe the actors who were behind the project.

Rasta rockett: which stars were expected in the bobsleigh team?
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Recommended from 6 years old. Airing February 25 on W9, the film is available on Disney +

“Balance man, cadence man, trace the ice, it’s Cooooolllll Rasta!” This battle cry of Rasta Rockett’s Jamaican bobsleigh team is remembered. However, the group could have had a completely different face if one relies on the names of the actors who were approached at the time. Thus, Eddie Murphy, star of the stand-up and of successful comedies like An armchair for two, The Cop of Beverly Hills and A Prince in New York is rather quickly contacted, but it will drop the case for questions of salary.

Another confirmed actor, Denzel Washington is being considered to play Sanka. Revealed to the general public by his role in Glory, which earned him the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, he at the time appeared in Mo’Better Blues and Malcolm X, two collaborations with Spike Lee. Like Murphy, Washington has a right to post certain salary requirements that Disney won’t like.

Rasta rockett: which stars were expected in the bobsleigh team?


Eriq La Salle, known for his role as Peter in “Emergencies”, was among the contenders

Several other celebrities will come to cast for the roles of other Jamaicans on the team, including Jeffrey Wright (Westworld), Eriq La Salle (Emergency), rapper Tupac or Cuba Gooding Jr. The latter will shoot in 2002 another Disney film set under the snow, Snow Dogs, which will also be sold as a DVD combo with … Rasta Rockett !

Eventually, Disney and director Jon Turteltaub will agree on Leon Robinson (Dence), Doug E. Doug (Sanka), Malik Yoba (Yul Brenner) and Rawle D. Lewis (Junior) … with the success that the we know: 154.8 million dollars reported worldwide, including 2.5 million admissions in France in 1994. For an estimated budget of 17 million dollars, this is what we call a box!

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