Rasta Rockett on 6ter: what happened to the actors?

6ter is televising Rasta Rockett tonight, a cult feel good movie from the 90s that follows the Jamaican bobsleigh team at the Winter Games. But what happened to the actors?

Rasta Rockett, directed by Jon Turteltaub, tells us the true story of four Jamaicans who have a crazy dream: to obtain a gold medal in an Olympic discipline which is totally unknown to them and impossible to practice at home: bobsleigh!

Rasta rockett on 6ter: what happened to the actors?

In Rasta Rockett : Leon Robinson played Derice Bannock, the man with whom the whole adventure was to begin. It is he, the fallen dreamer of the Summer Olympics, who will mount the entire Bobsleigh team, as a true enthusiast …

After Rasta Rockett: The one who stood out in 1989 in a very sultry Madonna clip (Like a Prayer) led a nice way just after the success of the film. Singer and leader of the reggae-soul group Leon and the Peoples, he appeared in movies in Cliffhanger, in Above the Rim with Tupac, in Buffalo Soldiers alongside Joaquin Phoenix and very stealthily in Ali and Succeed or Die. But, it is especially television which brought him his most beautiful roles. Astonishing in the NBC miniseries The Temptations, he was especially illustrated in Oz, in the role of Jefferson Keane, the leader of the Homeboys reconverted to the cause of Kareem Said. At 51, Leon continues to tour tirelessly but in more confidential productions: Diary of a Single Mom, Soul Ties, 37, in the 40 and Single series. The one who now calls himself Leon still makes appearances in the crime series Blue Bloods between 2018 and 2019 and even appears in the cast of The Glorias, the biopic centered on the feminist icon Gloria Steinem played by Julianne Moore (release expected soon in France).

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Malik Yoba, aka Yul

Rasta rockett on 6ter: what happened to the actors?

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In Rasta Rockett : Malik Yoba lent his muscles and his tough air to the character of Yul Brenner. Rather surly at the beginning of the film, Yul will finally “relax” as time goes by, to become a real member of the team afterwards …

After Rasta Rockett: Just after the success of the film, Malik Yoba, who was completely unknown before, went straight to the television box, a genre that was rather successful for him. As early as 1994, he landed a regular role in New York Undercover, a role he played during the show’s four seasons. Subsequently, Yoba struggled to find a major role until the mid-2000s when we saw him in Arrested Development, Raines, Girlfriends or Defying Gravity. In 2011, he was one of the regulars in the Alphas series and, when canceled, joined Revolution as a recurrent. Yoba is by far the one who has had the best career, by chaining the roles on television: we have seen him in Empire, Designated Survivor, The Last OG… The actor is currently the headliner of the thriller Terror Lake Drive, which is scheduled to air at the end of November in the United States on the UMC channel.

Rawl D. Lewis aka Junior

Rasta rockett on 6ter: what happened to the actors?

In Rasta Rockett : Rawle D. Lewis played Junior, a boy from a very wealthy family, who wanted to become an athlete but who found it difficult to stand up to his father on the subject.

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After Rasta Rockett: Even though he’s been in the film industry since he was 15, Rawle D. Lewis has struggled to find roles after the success of John Turteltaub’s film. In 2001 he was seen in K-Pax, The Man Who Comes A Long Way with Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges in a tiny role and in 2007 he got into directing with Poet Heads. For several years, he has devoted his time to the stage in stand-up shows.

Doug E. Doug aka Sanka Coffie

Rasta rockett on 6ter: what happened to the actors?

In Rasta Rockett : Doug E. Doug is certainly the actor who most impressed the spectators in the role of the priceless Sanka Coffie. A push Kart pro, a lover of songs who hated anything that approached cold and snow …

After Rasta Rockett: Comic by training, Doug landed in 1993 the lead role of Where I Live, a sitcom based on his own childhood, which will seduce the critics but which will never find its audience. But, at this time, the actor is noticed by Bill Cosby who offers him a role in his sitcom Cosby during its four seasons of diffusion. From there, Doug started directing with Citizen James. Since then the actor has been rare, appearing here and there, in Justified, in a small role in Detachment or by lending his voice to the film Gang of Sharks. In 2012, he created his own Youtube Channel, The Doug Life show, on which he posts sketches about his life. But that does not prevent him from filming a bit: we could see him in The Wannabe with Patricia Arquette in 2015 and other more confidential productions. The now 50-year-old actor left film sets in 2017.

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John Candy aka Irv

Rasta rockett on 6ter: what happened to the actors?

Gone after Rasta Rockett : The story of Rasta Rockett cannot be detached from the missing figure of John Candy, who played Irv, a legendary coach who came into disgrace who would become the politically incorrect mentor of the Jamaica team. Unlike his costars, John Candy was well known before Rasta Rocket, the actor and comedian having illustrated himself in productions such as Splash, Un Ticket pour deux, Your mother or me! or even JFK. Rasta Rockett, who had brought him back to the forefront of the popular scene, will be the last film to be released during his lifetime, John Candy having succumbed to a heart attack on March 04, 1994 (a month before the film’s release in France) on the filming of Wagons East !. He also leaves behind a second posthumous film: Canadian Bacon.

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