Rara National Park is located in the Humla-Jumla areas. This is the smallest national park of Nepal. This national park is situated at an altitude of 2800 meters to 4000 meters. This is a very unique place for tourists to visit and thus it has a very peaceful atmosphere. Rara is a must visit to enjoy the rare flora and fauna of Humla-Jumla Area.

The Rara National Park map shows that it covers only 106 km2. Rara National Park also gives a unique experience to the travelers as it is a three-day trip to the national park.

Know all the details about Rara National Park

Rara National Park is very unique due to its location and the flora and fauna of the area. Passengers will get a very new and unique experience in this journey.

1. Best time to visit Rara National Park

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Being high in the mountains, temperatures in Rara National Park are generally very low. So travelers can come here as per their choice from April to June to get hot weather and from September to October to get cool weather. It is advisable not to visit Rara from December to March as there is heavy snowfall in that season and the roads get blocked.

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2. How to reach Rara National Park

how to reachhow to reach


There are several routes to reach Rara National Park.

A. Kathmandu:Travelers can reach Kathmandu by bus or air and then take a bus to Nepalgunj, from there they can take a jeep which drops the visitors very close to the national park, it is a 20-25 minute walk from there .
B. Bottom: Reach Talcha Airport which is close to Rara National Park and then trek for 3 hours to Rara National Park Headquarters.

entrance fees: INR 100/- per person

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3. Flora and Fauna



As can be seen from the Rara National Park location the vegetation of the areas is generally alpine. There is a huge variety of plants growing here. Many of these plants are unique to the regions. Some of the flora of Rara National Park include blue pine, rhododendron, western Himalayan spruce, black juniper and Himalayan cypress.

The animals of Rara National Park are as diverse as the plants. There are many animals that are found only in this region. It also has a very well integrated aquatic ecosystem due to the presence of the huge Rara Lake. Some of the animals in this area are musk deer, red panda, snow leopard, Himalayan black bear, Indian leopard, jackal, Himalayan tahr, yellow-throated mongoose, otter, dhole, gray langur and rhesus macaque.

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4. Attraction: Rara Lake



The biggest attraction of Rara National Park is Rara Lake. This is the deepest lake in entire Nepal. Rara Lake is a must-see for travelers visiting the national park. The lake reflects the sun’s rays during the day and looks like a gem at the top.

Area: 10.6 km2
depth: 167m

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5. Activities to Enjoy



There are human activities that can be enjoyed here.

A. Bird watching: One of the major features of Rara National Park is the abundance of birds in the area. This makes watching birds here very enjoyable.

B. Tracking: There are several Rara National Park treks that take travelers to the top of some important peaks like Murama Top. Enjoy these treks and get a panoramic view of the highest peaks of the Himalayas.

C. Boating: Go sailing in Nepal’s deepest lake, Rara Lake and enjoy a peaceful afternoon in the lap of nature.

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6. Where to stay

Rara HotelRara Hotel


There are very limited places to stay in Rara National Park. Recently Village: Heritage and Resorts has been opened there where travelers can take shelter. It also includes the basic amenities that tourists will need. The hotel also provides food

Cost: INR 1500/- per room

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