The comedy “Night at the museum”, led by Ben Stiller, arrives on the Disney + platform. A film which marks the very first appearance on the big screen of the actor Rami Malek, in the skin of a pharaoh.

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Notice to fans of fantasy adventure comedies: Night at the museum arrives on Disney +, joining the two other films in the saga, already available on the platform. Released in theaters in 2007, La Nuit au musée tells the story of Larry, security guard at the Museum of Natural History played by Ben Stiller, who will discover with amazement that at night, all exhibitions come to life! A film that marks the very first appearance on the big screen of actor Rami Malek, now known worldwide thanks to his performance by Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody.

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In Night at the Museum, Rami Malek embodies a character like no other, since he slips into the skin … of a pharaoh! More precisely the pharaoh Ahkmenrah, who comes out of his tomb when his tablet is stolen by the three former guards of the museum. A role that must have particularly counted for the actor, son of a of an immigrant couple Egyptians who left Cairo in 1978, almost three years before his birth. Rami Malek, who is expected to be the villain of the next 007, Mourir can wait, will then resume his role as pharaoh in La Nuit au musée 2 and the aptly named La Nuit au musée: The Secret of the Pharaohs.

Finally, note that if The Night at the museum marks the first cinematic role of a beginner in the person of Rami Malek, the film is also an opportunity to discover the performances of three legends of the seventh art that are Mickey Rooney, Dick Van Dyke and Bill Cobbs. The three veteran actors, out of their retirement for the occasion, camp the three night guards that Larry (Ben Stiller) replaces.

The trailer for “The Night at the Museum”:

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