Rambo 3: Stallone's insane salary demand

Rambo 3: Stallone’s insane salary demand

Aired tonight on the C8 channel, “Rambo 3” was at the time the most expensive American film ever made, excluding inflation. It must be said that Sylvester Stallone’s salary requirements did not really help …

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The formidable first film of the Rambo saga signed Ted Kotcheff and released in 1982, presented the moving story of the former green beret returning from Vietnam and once again become a simple civilian, unable to reintegrate into a society he no longer understood. and who had marginalized him.

From a first sensitive work that did not disdain pieces of bravery, Rambo II made a clean sweep of all psychological considerations barely three years later. Under the leadership of George Pan Cosmatos, Rambo becomes a killing machine ready to come back to save the friends who remained prisoners in Vietnam. A pure Act violent which is part of Reagan America and its famous slogan “America is back”. Beyond its completely questionable artistic qualities, the public made a triumph to this Rambo II, allowing to garner more than 300 million $ of receipts at the world Box Office.

So why stop there and not continue to dig the vein? Three years later, Sly is back for a 3rd opus, this time under the leadership of Peter McDonald, broadcast this evening at 9:15 pm on the C8 channel. This time, Rambo goes to face the evil Russians in Afghanistan and help the Mujahedin who are fighting against the invader.

If the franchise is more than ever on an artistically declining slope, this Rambo 3 is also a record. With a production budget of $ 63 million excluding promo, or, adjusted for inflation, more than $ 142 million to date, it was then the most expensive American film ever made.

In this budgetary inflation, Sly also plays a large part. Gone are the days when, in First Blood, he had received a rather generous salary: $ 3.5 million. For Rambo 3, the star asked for an astronomical fee of $ 16 million! With a little additional refinement: part of this salary was to be allocated to the purchase of a Gulfstream private jet, valued at $ 12 million; the rest in the form of a big check.

In other words, with this budget and these emoluments, Rambo 3 rather had an interest in making a hit at the Box Office … But the film was thrown at the American Box Office by Paul Hogan, who returned to play the Australian knife in Crocodile Dundee II. In France, it attracts half as many spectators as the previous section.

With $ 189 million raised, a 26% drop in revenue compared with Rambo II: the mission, this Rambo III was not a bitter flop either; but helped to plunge the franchise into a 20-year long sedation, until the release of John Rambo.

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