Curious About Holi & Bizzare Rituals Around It? Celebrate Rajasthani Holi In 2023

Color is fun! India is very lively in February and March, when the weather shines at its best, festivities and positive energy begin to arrive. The bleak winter makes way for spring, and the feelings of Holi begin to permeate the air all around. While the celebration with colors remains constant, thanks to the legends and stories, rituals and traditions around Holi are celebrated in places in North India. Rajasthani Holi It is different and quite different from the customs celebrated by people in Delhi, UP and Bihar in North India.

Apart from the spectacular display of colours, the rituals and customs surrounding Holi are a notable attraction in Rajasthan. Be it presenting yourself as the signature drink of Holi hemp buttermilk, lassi, carry of water, and cold Or enjoying authentic Holi dishes like Paneer Longatta, Chili Papad, Ker Sengar, gatte ki sabzi and pakodi wali kadi, Rajasthani Holi has a thali of Prasad to match your taste buds. But it is the stories, customs and traditions from centuries ago that make Holi in Rajasthan so interesting.

6 major events of Rajasthani Holi

Are you excited to celebrate Holi in Rajasthan? Here is a list of top events you must attend that will make your celebrations extra special!

1. Mali Holi – Ajmer



A popular way of celebrating Holi in the Mali community, the celebration of Mali Holi is a tradition of men throwing colors on women, who respond by hitting the men with bamboo or sticks.

This practice is a symbol of brotherhood and harmony. It also brings brotherhood and unity among the people. The fact that the entire city, people and even cattle are colored in the same color makes it a wonderful sight. Rajasthan is the place to delve deep into the festivities.

Mali Holi Dates: 7th and 8th March 2023

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2. Gair Holi – Ajmer



amid a shower of gulaal, Rajasthan is ready to celebrate Ger Holi, which is celebrated in places around Ajmer. Men from about 12 nearby villages come together and celebrate Holi with drums, musical instruments and enthusiasm everywhere.

The influence of bhang and thandai and other sweet dishes inspires to celebrate this glorious festival with full enthusiasm. Drums and groups gather Godaji village near Ajmer, As the music and drum beats mark the celebration, enthusiastic faces and joy can be felt everywhere.

Non Holi Date: 8 March 2023

3. Dolchi Holi – Bikaner


Celebrating Holi is considered to be an ancient tradition, dating back 300 years. Dolchi Holi follows a custom in which men throw water on other men in a vessel called Dolchi made of camel skin. What is quite interesting is that this tradition started from a dispute between two communities. It is believed that the reason for the dispute was over food.

Men from different communities started throwing water on each other to solve a problem and it gradually became a custom and later an important tradition. Holi is played exclusively by men while women and children only watch.

Sweet Holi Dates: 6 March 2023

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4. Brij Holi – Bharatpur



Mainly celebrated in Brij area in Bharatpur Founded by Raja Surajmal in the 18th century, Brij Holi is a big Holi celebration that is celebrated before the festival. The grandeur and richness of this festival celebrated in March is remarkable. Lord Krishna is worshiped and various dances and stage shows are organized during the festival.

The Rasleela dance by men and women dressed as Krishna and Gopis is the highlight of the festival. There is an atmosphere of joy all around and the festival spirit can be felt everywhere. Taking a holy bath in the Banganga river is the most auspicious thing to do as it is believed that it purifies your soul.

Brij Holi Date: March 1- March 3, 2023

5. Dhulandi Holi – Jaipur



Dhulandi marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring but there is another story associated with this legend. And it is about Krishna turning blue after drinking the milk of a demon. It was only when his mother Yashoda suggested him to paint Radha in the same color that he found complete solace and since then Holi is celebrated to commemorate this event. During the festival, the temples all around are decorated and the entire Braj can be seen painted in innumerable colours. Dhulandi Holi, which is mainly celebrated in Jaipur, displays the true essence of Rajasthani Holi.

Special arrangements are made for foreign tourists in luxury hotels like Khasa Kothi Hotel. Traditional food, cultural programs and folk songs are the main attractions of such events.

Dhulandi Holi date: 8 March 2023

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6. Royal Holi Celebrations – All Over Rajasthan



Rajasthani Holi can be seen in its grand form in the City of Royals, Rajasthan holds the distinction of being an iconic destination for royals since time immemorial. Experience Rajasthani Holi in royal style. From their attire to cultural programs and rich displays of inherited grandeur, the royal family celebrates Holi in Rajasthan in the most spectacular way. The way they mingle with the locals and enjoy the festivities truly makes for an incredible sight. Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Ranthambore, and Pushkar These are some of the places where you can celebrate the best royal Holi in Rajasthan.

Incorporate traditional specialties and immerse yourself in colours. Rajasthani Holi works its magical magic on everyone. Are you all set to get drenched in the festivities? If yes, then pack your bags, plan a trip to Rajasthan and leave immediately!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Rajasthani Holi

What are the major events of Rajasthani Holi and where are they organized?

Some of the major Holi events that take place every year in Rajasthan include Gair Holi (Ajmer), Dolchi Holi (Bikaner), Brij Holi (Bharatpur), Mali Holi (Ajmer) and Dhulandi Holi (Jaipur).

How is the festival of Holi celebrated?

The two-day festival begins with Holika Dahan in the evening a day before the main event, where people pray to God to bestow strength, prosperity and wealth. Next day, as early as morning, people start playing Holi with colors.

What is the importance of Holi?

Holi is celebrated to mark the beginning of spring season. It is an important festival of India, which symbolizes the victory of good over evil.

What do people eat on Holi?

On Holi, people usually eat traditional Holi foods like Gujhiya, Thandai, Mathi and Bhang. These delicious dishes make the festival even more enjoyable.

Is it safe to celebrate Holi in Rajasthan?

Yes, it is safe to be a part of the celebrations. You can go to these Holi parties with your friends and family. Make sure to wear a mask at all times and maintain social distancing.

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