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One of the first original series from Warner Media’s  HBO Max streaming service, Raised By Wolves got generally solid reviews when it debuted its first season in September 2020. HBO Max quickly ordered a second season, but not much has been revealed about the sophomore entry. So when is Raised by Wolves Season 2 coming, and what will it be all about? Here’s a quick look at everything we know.

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When is Raised by Wolves Season 2 scheduled to debut?

At the moment, there’s no clear word on when the second season will drop on HBO Max. We do know from a Twitter message from cast member Abubakar Salim that filming for the second season began in early March 2021. It’s likely that we will have to wait until sometime in 2022 for Raised By Wolves Season 2 to finally premiere.

What is the second season all about?

The first season of Raised By Wolves established the setting of the show. In a future timeline where Earth has been destroyed by war between religious and atheist humans, a pair of androids head into space with a small group of embryos. The androids, named Mother (Amanda Collin) and Father (Salim), raise the one human that came from those embryos on an alien world for several years. However, the group later learns that other humans have managed to escape Earth, including some other young children.

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Later in the first season, Mother learns she has somehow become pregnant. In the final episode of season 1, she gives birth, but to a flying snake-like alien rather than a human. Season 2 will likely see the two androids, as well as the other remnants of humanity, try to survive on this alien world, while also dealing with this snake creature.

Deadline reports that several new cast members have signed up for season 2. Perhaps the most interesting new role is Grandmother, an ancient android played by actor Selina Jones. Grandmother was built thousands of years ago by the civilization that used to live on the planet where the few human survivors now reside. How she will get along with Mother and Father, and the human refugees, remains to be seen.

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