Raiders of the Lost Ark: when Spielberg recycles footage from another film

Classic adventure film signed Steven Spielberg, broadcast tonight on the W9 channel, “Raiders of the Lost Ark” recycles images from an old film, just to lower the bill. The art of recycling in Hollywood style …

Screenshot / Paramount Pictures

It happens that certain works recycle bits of images from previous films, most often for the sake of savings. There are famous examples of this, such as Blade Runner, which recycled images of Stanley Kubrick’s Shining; Disney studios, which extensively recycle animation from previous feature films; Citizen Kane, which recycled images of the Son of Kong, made in 1933 …

In this vein, in order to save a little on the budget of his adventurers of the Lost Ark and avoid too expensive constructions, Steven Spielberg had the idea to rent a stock of images from a adventure film released in 1973, Lost Horizon. In this case, images of a DC-3 type aircraft, flying over the Himalayas. Spielberg incorporated these images into the footage that took place shortly after Indy and Marion left Nepal. Sequence appearing in the rank of Trademarks of the saga, in which we see an airplane with a map of the journey superimposed on it.

Below, two captures of this sequence:

Lucasfilm Ltd.

Here is the plane that was used to film Lost horizon :

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