Ragnarök on Netflix: How did season 1 end?  - News Series on TV

Ragnarök on Netflix: How did season 1 end? – News Series on TV

Before discovering season 2 of Ragnarök this May 27 on Netflix, here is a summary of the events that happened in the first round of episodes of the Nordic series. Be careful, spoilers.

Be careful, spoilers. This article is a reminder of the events of the first season of Ragnarök before discovering season 2. It is therefore advisable to have seen the first salvo of episodes of the series before continuing to read this article.

Dano-Norwegian fantasy series created by Adam Price (Borgen), Ragnarök tells the mythical journey of Magne (David Stakston), a teenager who discovers supernatural powers, thanks to a mysterious magician, when he returns to Edda, the little one. native village of his mother, and who will have to save his family from Ragnarök, namely the end of the world.

This Norwegian town is in peril due to melting ice and pollution caused by the Jutul family, who have a lot of power over Edda and whose Patriarch Vidar (Gísli Örn Garðarsson) manages Jutul Industries. Despite his difference, Magne somehow manages to fit in and quickly understands that everyone’s survival rests on his shoulders.


His legend, which surely comes to him from his deceased father who was in possession of the famous hammer controlling lightning, will have to fight an ancestral evil inspired by Nordic myths which personifies the climate emergency and global warming.

And this evil is none other than Vidar Jutul and his family who are giants who pretend to be humans. Throughout the first season, Magne will learn more about his abilities, lightning control, superhuman strength and speed, but also about the Jutul family, who prove to be a formidable foe.

After several altercations, including a fight with Trym, the hellhound, and after being turned away by the young Gry (Emma Bones), who prefers Fjor Jutul (Herman Tømmeraas), Magne discovers 2,500 barrels in a cave belonging to Jutul Industries that leak toxic waste into the water.

Ragnarök is not the end, but the beginning

In the last episode of the first season of Ragnarök, Magne is neglected by everyone. He told the police about the barrels but no one believes him since Vidar has removed them in the meantime. His entourage takes him for a madman and forces him to take psychological tests.


Wrongly diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic, Magne refuses to take prescribed medication and is kicked out of high school. Feeling threatened, Vidar orders her son Fjor to kill his girlfriend Gry, who knows far too much about their family.

But Fjor has feelings for Gry, he tried to help his father who was in financial trouble and he also revealed the truth to Magne about the barrels. The police can finally investigate the Jutul family. Before Fjor transforms and kills Gry, Magne steps in and saves her.

Vidar then appears and lashes out at Magne, whom he believes to be Thor. Then follows a great fight between Magne and Vidar. Although seriously injured, Magne manages to attract lightning to bring him down on Vidar. In the dying moments, Magne appears to be the only one who survived this fight. But that does not mean that he won the war, which promises to be epic in season 2, to be discovered this May 27 on Netflix.

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