Quoted on Prime Video: a trailer for their first TikTok series – news series on TV

Quoted on prime video: a trailer for their first tiktok series - news series on tv

TikTok users will be able to binge-watcher from tomorrow “Cities”, a series of a new kind imagined by Abd Al Malik and produced by Prime Video. Check out the first images.

Cités is the name of the new French series from Amazon Prime Video. But unlike other productions on the streaming platform, it will only be available on TikTok, the video app that hits the mark in the world. A new format imagined by rapper and writer Abd al Malik which highlights the relationship between youth and French cultural heritage. It also endeavors to show that there is no disconnection between them.

In France, each district, each village, each town center has within it emblematic places bearing the names of great figures of our cultural heritage. Like Place Aragon, like Albert Camus college, like George Sand Square, like Isabelle Eberhardt library are the daily scenes of life where young people from all walks of life come together to rap, dance, skate, play basketball or football. or just hang out.“he says. Thus, the name of the program is not insignificant:” cited “, because the series will also be punctuated by quotes from these great authors …

Through its 12 one-minute episodes shot on the iPhone, this TikTok series follows the tribulations of a group of friends aged 15 to 25. The trailer for the series, to discover above, lets imagine a hybrid, playful and inventive production that uses them.

Cities, to discover from February 26 on the Prime Video’s TikTok.

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