Quiz The Voice and cinema: try 9/9 and win the blind auditions! – News…

Quiz the voice and cinema: try 9/9 and win the blind auditions! - news...

With Tenor, the rapper MB14, revealed in season 5 of The Voice, takes his first steps in the cinema. Before him, other candidates (and coaches) appeared on the big screen. Test your knowledge of the talents of the TF1 show.

Whether they are candidates or coaches, the talents of The Voice many have made forays onto the big and small screen. On the occasion of the release of the comedy Tenorin which the rapper MB14 takes his first steps in front of the camera, here is a quiz on the singers of tele-hook in the cinema.

In the movie of Claude Zidi Jr., MB14 embodies a young Parisian suburbanite who studies accounting without much conviction, dividing his time between the rap battles he practices with talent and his job as a sushi delivery boy. During a trip to the Opéra Garnier, his path crosses that of Mrs. Loyseau, singing teacher in the venerable institution, who detects in Antoine a raw talent to hatch.

Despite his lack of lyrical culture, Antoine was fascinated by this form of expression and was persuaded to follow Mme Loyseau’s teaching. Antoine has no choice but to lie to his family, his friends and the whole city for whom opera is a bourgeois thing, far from their world.

First role for MB14

The main male role is held by Mohamed Belkhir alias MB14. If he is known to the general public for his participation in the TF1 show, he tried his hand at comedy from high school by taking theater lessons: “I really felt good, in my place, and I said to myself that this is what I wanted to do all my life! At that time, I had already started rapping and a bit of beat-boxing, then I got into singing and everything fell into place… Today, it’s wonderful that the music brings me back to this initial passion for cinema.”

It was when he saw him on the show that revealed him, The Voice – season 5, that director Claude zidi Jr. and producer Raphaël Benoliel noticed him. They then contacted him and made him pass tests which proved conclusive.

More accustomed to rap, MB14 rubs shoulders here with lyrical singing. A big fan of classical music for many years, the singer and actor was delighted to try his hand at this register: “For a long time, I couldn’t find the vocal technique to sing opera: it requires a lot of precision at the level of the larynx, the diaphragm or the vocal cords…

Thanks to Ténor, I had the chance to meet Caroline Fèvre, lyrical singer and advisor on the film, who helped me and gave me the keys for almost two months to be able to succeed in singing and, who knows, one day really an opera singer!

The Voice: a talent pool

In addition to the talents mentioned in the quiz, we should also note that the title “Our tomorrows” of the singer and coach Vianney is the theme song of the TF1 daily series, tomorrow belongs to us. Series in which Mayeul Durand
candidate for season 8, also embodies Apollo, a music teacher.

Abi Bernadoththe winner of the ninth season of the show, for his part recorded the title She which acts as the credits of the series Lies worn by Audrey Fleurot and broadcast last September on TF1.

This is not the first time that the 1st channel has bet on one of the foals of its flagship musical program. Slimane appeared in Léo Matteï, Brigade of minors, Jenifer Bartoli in Hunted and Time is a killer, Matt Pokoraalso vocal coach in The Voice and The Voice Kids in the drama The First Forgotten and Louane will soon appear in the series Visions.

On the project side, the singer Kendji Giracbig winner of season 3 of The Voicewill be the star of Champion, a TF1 TV movie that will follow Zach, a young illiterate boxing enthusiast. The TV movie is directed by Mona Achache (Balthazar).

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