Quentin Tarantino: the director almost remake one of his most famous films

Clement Cuyer

Clement Cuyer


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Quentin Tarantino has just revealed that he thought about making a remake of “Reservoir Dogs”, his very first feature film released in theaters in 1992.

Michael Haneke (Funny Games and Funny Games US), Lisa Azuelos (LOL and LOL USA), Tim Burton (the short Frankenweenie then its long version) or Alfred Hitchcock (The Man Who Knew Too Much of 1934 and its US version of 1956) … It happens that some filmmakers make remakes of their own films. We learn today that Quentin Tarantino almost fell into this original category to say the least.

Guest on the show to promote the novelization of Once Upon A Time … in Hollywood, a passage in writing whose trailer revealed previously unseen footage of the film, Tarantino confirmed that he wanted to retire as a filmmaker after his next cinematographic work. A bad idea according to Bill Maher, who tried to convince him to change his mind.

The host asked Tarantino in particular if the experience accumulated over the years could not make him want to “remake” one of his films, immediately citing Reservoir Dogs. “I actually thought about doing a Reservoir Dogs remake for my last movie”, replied the director before, hilariously, to quickly calm the enthusiasm of the fans. “I won’t, Internet, but I thought about it!”

Released in theaters in early 1992, Reservoir Dogs tells the story of six thugs who set out to rob a jewelry store. After the operation failed and ended in a bloodbath, the thugs take refuge in a sordid warehouse.

The interview of Quentin Tarantino at the microphone of Bill Maher: