Quentin Tarantino is afraid of ending up on a bad movie

Quentin Tarantino is afraid of ending up on a bad movie

Clement Cuyer

Clement Cuyer


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Quentin Tarantino, very proud of his “Once Upon A Time … in Hollywood” and eager not to end his career as a filmmaker on a bad film, might decide not to come back behind the camera.

Clap of end in sight for the director Quentin Tarantino? During the recent Pure Cinema podcast, the 58-year-old American, whose novelization of his Once Upon A time … in Hollywood will appear at the end of the month, let this eventuality hang over which must undoubtedly thrill many fans.

“Most of the time, the latest director’s films suck. Usually, these are their worst films.”, declares the one who has always evoked his desire to retire as a filmmaker after ten feature films and who has never hidden his desire to touch other areas such as writing or criticism. “Maybe I shouldn’t do another movie, because I’d be very happy to hang up.”

“I have the feeling that the third act of my life is the occasion to lean a little more towards literature”, Tarantino continues. “It would be a great development as a new father and new husband. (…) To be a little more at home and to become a little more of a man of letters.“Words that reveal a real desire to put your camera down for good …

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