Queer as Folk: a reboot of the cult series commissioned by the Peacock platform - News Séries

Queer as Folk: a reboot of the cult series commissioned by the Peacock platform – News Séries

It’s now official: a reboot of the cult series “Queer as Folk” will see the light of day on the American platform Peacock.


Queer as Folk, soon back on television. The cult British series, revisited with an American remake in 2000, will soon be rebooted on the Peacock streaming platform. A cross portrait of five gay friends in Manchester, the show was one of the first to feature openly gay main characters.

While the action of the US remake had been transposed to Pittburgh, it is in New Orleans that will take place this reboot in eight episodes directed by the Canadian director Stephen Dunn (Monster closet). Original series co-creator Russell T. Davies will also be involved in the project as executive producer.

Following the immediate success of the series, the British screenwriter had acquired international fame, a status reinforced by the positive echo encountered by his other creations: Doctor Who, Years and Years, and more recently It’s a Sin. Questioned in recent weeks by our colleagues from Stubborn, the latter had already mentioned the contours that this reboot could take:

If I did Queer as Folk again today, it would need a more inclusive cast, but also incorporate the trans experience. I think Nathan Maloney would be a little black guy who discovered a special affection for dresses. (…) I’m almost tempted to write it, but maybe this series must be created by a boy who likes to wear dresses.

Series Queer as Folk and its American remake can be found now on the myCANAL platform.

The It’s a Sin miniseries created by Russell T. Davies can also be found on myCANAL:

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