Quantum of Solace on France 2: what does the title of this James Bond mean?  - Cinema News

Quantum of Solace on France 2: what does the title of this James Bond mean? – Cinema News

Quantum of Solace is broadcast tonight on France 2, the opportunity to look at the meaning of the title strangely sybillin.

After the triumph of Casino Royale and its 616 million dollars of worldwide receipts, Daniel Craig puts on again the costume of 007 in Quantum of Solace, released in October 2008. As a reminder, our super spy is struggling not to do his job. last mission a personal matter. He is determined to hunt down those who forced Vesper to betray him. Upon questioning Mr. White, 007 and M learn that the organization to which he belongs is far more complex and dangerous than anything they had imagined.

When the new title of this 22nd installment of the James Bond saga was unveiled, it raised many questions. But what can Quantum of Solace mean? According to producer Michael G. Wilson, the title comes from a short story by Ian Fleming, Just for your eyes, published in 1959. It means, in the context of this story, that a relationship can only be saved if trust is restored between both parties.

“Quantum” means quantity and “Solace” consolation, comfort. The title therefore expresses the idea that we must share our sufferings in order to find a happy outcome and be reconciled with people. In the film, Quantum of Solace refers to two things: first, to the fact that Bond seeks to console himself for the loss of Vesper, and second to Quantum, the criminal organization he will have to fight.


Daniel Craig is 007

For director Marc Forster, the central theme of the film, symbolized by this title, is confidence. “This can take many forms”, he explains. “Who do you really trust? Do you trust yourself? Do we trust others? Trust is something that concerns us all because we have all been betrayed at one time or another of our life. “

Stuck between the two best opus of the Daniel Craig era, Casino Royale and Skyfall, Quantum of Solace is an ugly duckling. However, it brought in almost as much as the previous section with 589 million greenbacks. This score will however be pulverized by Skyfall and its 1.1 billion! In France, the feature film will do better than Casino Royale (3.1 million admissions) with 3.7 million tickets sold.

As for the next adventures of the famous spy of his Majesty, they are expected for March 31, 2021 with Mourir can wait. This will be the last feature film starring Daniel Craig as 007.


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