Love Pyramid Conspiracies? Here Are 10 Egyptian Pyramids That You Must Visit When In The Country

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The pyramids were built by the ancient Egyptians as tombs for their pharaohs and their queens. Built in the Egyptian desert on the west bank of the Nile River, the pyramids are beautiful but complex structures that have astounded the world. Till now about 100 pyramids have been discovered by scholars. Let’s take a look at the 10 most fascinating Egyptian pyramids,

10 fascinating pyramids of Egypt

The Egyptian civilization was one of the earliest known civilizations in the world. His achievements in the fields of medicine, art and architecture were renowned throughout the world. Egyptian pyramids There is evidence.

1. Great Pyramid of Giza

great pyramidgreat pyramid


Located in the middle of the Giza Plateau, the Great Pyramid of Giza is Egypt’s only surviving ancient pyramid. It is also known as the Pyramid of Khufu or the Pyramid of Cheops. Built for Pharaoh Khufu in 2560 BC, this pyramid is the largest of the pyramids of Giza and stands 138.5 meters tall. It is said to have been constructed from approximately 2 million blocks of limestone and granite as well as casting stones. It is the only pyramid to have a swivel door at its entrance. Inside this Egyptian pyramid, a queen’s chamber, a king’s chamber and a grand gallery can be seen. This is definitely one of the The most famous pyramids in Egypt,

Place: Al Ahram, Giza
Time: from 7:00 to 19:00
entrance fees: Rs 800 per person

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2. Pyramid of Khafre

Second largest pyramid of GizaSecond largest pyramid of Giza


It is the second largest pyramid of Giza which was built for Khufu’s son- Khafre and is also known as the Pyramid of Chefren. It is located next to the Pyramid of Khufu/Great Pyramid of Giza. It was built in 2570 BC on a bedrock, giving it greater height and thus a more pointed top. Unlike other pyramids this pyramid has two entrances and a unique feature of this pyramid is that you can find the Great Sphinx, Mortuary Temple and a Valley Temple in the same complex. The Great Sphinx is a giant human-headed lion sculpture made of natural rock that guards the Pyramid of Khufu.

Place: Al Ahram, Giza
Time: from 7:00 to 19:00
entrance fees: Rs 800 per person

3. Pyramid of Menkaure



The smallest of the three pyramids of Giza was built for Menkaure, grandson of Khufu. Menkaure was the last pharaoh to build a pyramid. The structure was built using white limestone, but the base, up to 16 layers, was made of red granite. The height of the pyramid is only 65 meters. The pyramid became a victim of vandalism in the 12th century due to which a part of the pyramid is now missing.

Place: Al Ahram, Giza
Time: from 7:00 to 19:00
entrance fees: Rs 800 per person

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4. Pyramid of Djoser

ancient joserancient joser


The Pyramid of Djoser in Egypt was the first pyramid built by Imhotep to bury Pharaoh Djoser in the 27th century. It is located at a place called Saqqara, 25 km south of Cairo and has a height of 62 meters. I The ancient Egyptians were the first to build flat-roofed tombs called mastabas. Imhotep placed 6 mastabas on top of each other above ground to give a structure called a stepped pyramid or layered pyramid. The entire Djoser Pyramid is built using limestone and has 13 false doors built into it, but there is just one entrance on the south-east side of the complex.

Place: Al Badrashin, Giza Governorate
Time: any time of the day
entrance fees: Free

5. Folded Pyramid

bent pyramidbent pyramid


The Bent Pyramid was built for Pharaoh Sneferu in the center of Dahshur around 2600 BC. It is also known as the Southern Shine Pyramid or the Pyramid of Sneferu. It is at a height of 40 meters. The base of the pyramid rises at an angle of 54 degrees from the desert floor and the top part is built at an angle of 43 degrees which gives it a tilted image and name. It was the first true smooth-sided pyramid in Egypt.

Place: Monshat Dahshur, Al Badrashin, Giza
Time: from 8:00 to 16:00
entrance fees: INR 500

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6. Red Pyramid

Egypt's third largest pyramidEgypt's third largest pyramid


The Red Pyramid is the third largest pyramid in Egypt which was built during the reign of Pharaoh Sneferu. Its height is 104 meters and it is also called the Northern Pyramid. Its name comes from the fact that it is constructed entirely of red limestone. The remains of a mortuary temple can be found on the east side of the pyramid.

Place: Giza Governorate, Egypt
Time: any time of the day
entrance fees: Free

7. Pyramid of Meidum

pyramid of meidumpyramid of meidum


The Pyramid of Meidum was built for Pharaoh Huni, but collapsed due to a major design mistake. To enter the pyramid one has to enter through the robber’s tunnel which is very narrow and claustrophobic but the chamber to which it connects is quite spacious. However, only 3 stages or layers are visible today. The pyramid is located 100 km southeast of Cairo. This pyramid is a transitional form between stepped and smooth-sided pyramids. There is a mortuary temple on the east side of the pyramid.

Place: Beni Suef Governorate
Time: any time of the day
entrance fees: Free

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8. Pyramid of Unas

beautiful pyramidbeautiful pyramid


The Pyramid of Unas was built in the Saqqara Plateau for Pharaoh Unas in the 24th century. When it was built, its height was 43 meters but today it is reduced to debris. It is a very important pyramid because it is the first pyramid to have psalms inscribed on its walls. The pyramid was rediscovered in the 19th century and a mummy was recovered from the ruins.

Place: Saqqara, Giza
Time: any time of the day
entrance fees: Free

9. Pyramid of Sahure

interesting pyramidinteresting pyramid


The Pyramid of Sahure was built near the Sun Temple in the Abusir area. Although this pyramid is now in ruins, archaeologists have unearthed some interesting artefacts during excavations which make it worth a visit. The blocks used to build this pyramid were found to be of different quality from those used in the 5th Dynasty. A pink granite portcullis has been discovered beneath the ruins leading to a small verandah. The open courtyard of the mortuary temple, located to the east of the pyramid, consists of 16 monolithic pink granite columns in the shape of palm trees.

Place: half an hour from Cairo
Time: any time of the day
entrance fees: Free

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10. Pyramid of Ahmose

pyramid of ahmosepyramid of ahmose


The Pyramid of Ahmose is the last known Egyptian pyramid. It was built in the 18th Dynasty as a tomb for Pharaoh Ahmose, using mud bricks instead of stone blocks, which led to its collapse. After the 12th Dynasty the pharaohs were buried inside secret underground tombs in places like The Valley of the Kings.

Place: abydos
Time: any time of the day
entrance fees: Free

Some interesting facts about the Egyptian pyramids:

  • The Egyptian pyramids were built to serve as the royal tombs of the pharaohs. There their personal belongings and objects necessary for their afterlife were placed around their tombs. The pyramids faced north and associated mortuary temples were built on the east side of the pyramids, connecting them to the realm of the dead according to Egyptian mythology.

The shape of the pyramid represents the rays of the sun and the dead ascending the stairs to the afterlife. The Egyptian pyramids represent Benben – a mound of earth that emerged from the primordial waters upon which God stood and created mankind in their mythology.

  • The Pyramids of Giza were built for Pharaoh Khufu and his relatives in the Fourth Dynasty around 2580–2560 BC. The three pyramids intentionally face north, south and east to represent the three stars of Orion’s belt. The Egyptians associated themselves with the constellations and considered Osiris their god of rebirth. The temperature inside the pyramids is always 20 degrees Celsius.
  • Four types of pyramids have been discovered so far.
    Step/Layer Pyramid
    bent pyramid
    red pyramid and
    Great Pyramid of Giza.

Tips to follow when in Egypt

  • Wear comfortable shoes. Keep covered to avoid sunburn. Carry plenty of fluids.
  • The pyramids can be reached by tour buses or private taxis. Tourists can take a camel ride to the pyramids.
  • Toilets and a restaurant are available at the Sphinx Complex.
  • Don’t miss the sound and light show at the Pyramids of Giza.
  • Best time to visit Egyptian pyramids It is winter.

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The Egyptians were one of the most developed and powerful civilizations that ever lived. For a good look at ancient Egyptian civilization, visit the Pyramids of Egypt. While most of the historical artifacts have been stolen and the rest have been taken to various museums around the world, they are wonders worth seeing on an Egypt vacation.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Egyptian Pyramids

How many days are enough to visit Egypt?

The ideal duration of a holiday in Egypt is 7 days and 6 nights. However, the days can be extended or shortened as per the needs of the passengers.

What is the best time to visit Egypt?

It is recommended that travelers plan their trip during the months of October and April. However, if you want to avoid tourist crowds then leave your plans for the months of December and January.

What are the things you can do at night in Egypt?

There are many clubs, pubs, cafeterias and casinos in Egypt that can be visited to make the night out more interesting. Another option is to learn about the natives of Egypt as well as go camping with them.

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