New PS5 models are getting their own console covers, but old…

A PS5 console is opened, revealing its removable hard drive.
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The newly redesigned PlayStation 5 is getting its own set of console covers sometime next year. Sony has confirmed to that multiple faceplate colors are expected to launch in 2024, but covers from older PS5 models will not be compatible with the new system.

One of the most unique features of the PS5 is its removable faceplate, which allows players to customize their console with new colors and designs. The new PS5 models will evolve that idea with a four-cover panel design that will give the system a slightly different look. According to a statement sent to , Sony is already planning to make these customizable in the near future.

“A variety of PS5 console cover colors for the new models will be available in early 2024, including an all-matte black colorway and Deep Earth Collection colors in Volcano Red, Cobalt Blue, and Sterling Silver. Additional colors will be released in the future,” a PlayStation representative tells .

The Deep Earth Collection was announced a few weeks ago as a new series of colorways for the previous PS5 console. Pre-orders for the set went up just a few days ago, despite the fact that Sony is discontinuing older PS5 models and replacing them with refreshed designs.

Three colorful PS5s float together in a row.
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PlayStation also confirmed that the current PS5 cover plates will not be compatible with the new models. This means you won’t be able to snap any previously purchased covers onto any of the new versions. This includes all special edition faceplates, such as the ones included with the recently released Spider-Man Special Edition PS5.

Sony has not yet shared pricing on the new covers. Current ones run between $60 and $55, depending on the design, but it’s unclear whether the four-panel layout will maintain that price point.

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