PS5 Pro: 5 features we’d need to justify an upgrade 

A new version of the PlayStation 5 may be on the horizon – at least if you believe the leaks. Earlier this week, Insider Gaming reported that a PS5 Pro is in development and is scheduled for a late 2024 launch. Considering that the rumor site previously claimed that a PS5 with a detachable drive would launch this year, you might want to take the claim with some skepticism. Insider Gaming provided no actual details on specs or what a Pro model would entail, only claiming that a source says it’s in the works.

There’s not a lot to go on there, but just about any educated gamer could predict that a PS5 Pro is coming in the next year or two. Sony previously followed the PlayStation 4 with a PS4 Pro, which would improve the system’s power three years after its launch. It’s reasonable to think that PS5 would get the same treatment four years later — which would likely be near the halfway point of its life span.

With that possible future now in our heads, we can’t help but think of what we’d actually want from an upgraded PS5. Sony’s current system is already a powerhouse and it’s hard to imagine an upgraded version of it. However, there are a few key changes we’d like to see with a PS5 Pro model. Here’s what we’re hoping makes the cut if an upgrade is actually coming.

A sleeker design

A standard white PS5 sitting near some small plants in a home entertainment center.

The big thing that we want to see from a new PS5 model doesn’t have to do with power at all: We simply want a system that takes up less space. The PS5 is a behemoth among video game consoles dueto its unusual design. It makes for a flashy statement piece in any entertainment center, for better or worse.

We’d love to see a PS5 Pro that doubles as a bit of a “slim” model, shrinking the massive system down with a more discreet design. That might be a bit of wishful thinking, though. The PS4 Pro is notably bigger than the base PS4, so we’d expect an upgraded system to get larger rather than smaller. Even so, it would be great to see the system lose a few inches or at least adopt a less stylized design that makes it easier to slot into a cabinet.

4K at 60 frames per second

The PS5 is an incredibly powerful console, and a lot of games take full advantage of that. A select few games can run at 60 frames per second (fps) while maintaining a 4K resolution. However, not every game can reach those heights. Major first-party releases like God of War Ragnarok still ask players to choose between performance and visual fidelity. The most important thing any Pro model needs to do is make that choice a thing of the past. And can we get some 1440p support while we’re at it?

To accomplish that, a new model would likely need both a CPU and GPU upgrade. On the CPU front, for instance, Sony is already two generations behind the curve. It’ll only fall further back as time goes on, so getting it up to speed would help keep frame rates consistent as games fully ditch the PS4. Changes like that wouldn’t come cheap, but something like a PS5 Pro is always going to be for power-hungry tech enthusiasts willing to spend the cash. Without a bump like this, there isn’t much of a reason to launch a new model at all.

More storage space

When it comes to internal storage, the PS5 is severely lacking. Sony’s system features 825 GB of storage, which may not seem terrible at first glance. However, that number doesn’t tell the full story. Around 157 GB of that space is reserved for the operating system, meaning that you can only store about 667 GB of games and media on it. As someone who plays a lot of new games, I can assure you that it’s not much to work with. These days, I find myself deleting something every time I have to download a hefty new release like The prophesied.

While that problem can currently be solved through external options, a PS5 Pro would need an upgrade in that department to be worth the double dip. Even bringing it in line with the Xbox Series X, which has 802 GB of usable storage, would be a welcome upgrade. I’d gladly shell out for a shiny new console rather than spending a hunk of money on an SSD, so long as it came with more power too.

DualSense Edge included

A hand holds a DualSense Edge.

The PS5’s DualSense is already one of the best controllers of all time. However, Sony’s recently released DualSense Edge is certainly an improvement in a lot of ways. It comes with programmable back buttons, trigger locks, and swappable joystick caps to add some extra customization potential. It’s mostly held back by its hefty $200 price tag, making it a total luxury at the moment.

A PS5 Pro could put the Edge in more players’ hands by bundling it with the new system. That could be a more cost-effective option for players who want one, while giving the upgraded console a more premium feel. Though if Sony does go that route, it might want to give the Edge a slight upgrade. It is currently held back by its weak battery life, which is shorter than the current DualSense. If Sony can give it some extra juice, it would be great to see the Edge become the new default controller for those willing to upgrade.

Quick resume

While the Xbox Series X and PS5 are comparable in a lot of ways, there’s one big feature where Microsoft has an advantage over Sony. That would be its incredibly impressive quick resume function. This tool makes it so players can seamlessly swap between games, jumping in directly where they left off. That means I can load up WWE 2K23 while I have Repentance running, play a few matches, and then jump back into Repentance exactly where I left off — no boot-up required. It’s a magical feature and one that a PS5 Pro could stand to copy.

Sony does have its own version of quick resume, though it isn’t quite the same. The console’s Switcher is a quick menu that allows players to launch games much faster than usual. It doesn’t pull from a save state though, relaunching the app like a console normally does. If Sony can better crack that feature, it would truly make the PS5 Pro the fastest console.

How much would all of that cost? We’re too scared to guess. If the PS5 Pro does end up being real, it’s undoubtedly going to be a major investment. Considering the PS5’s already high price point, it could become the most expensive console on the market. We’re at peace with that idea, but Sony’s going to need to earn that distinction with a worthwhile upgrade. Some of the features here are no-brainers, but we hope that a PS5 Pro can find a way to truly surprise us if it does launch next year.

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