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Did you know that Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus”, available since the beginning of the month on the Disney + platform, was linked to the “Alien” saga by a small alphabetical detail?

Who says Prometheus necessarily says a little Alien. Available since the beginning of the month on the Disney + platform, Ridley Scott’s feature film released in theaters in 2012 thus includes a detail that links it to the cult SF franchise. A detail … alphabetical!

If you are a big fan of the Alien saga, which began in 1979, then you probably know that the name of the androids, in each film, follows an alphabetical logic. Thus, the one played by Ian Holm in the first part signed Ridley Scott is called Ash, while those of Aliens Return and Alien 3 are called Bishop and that of Alien, the Resurrection is baptized Call.

You will easily have noticed the ABC sequence as the initials of the androids in the first four films of the franchise. For the prequel Prometheus, Ridley Scott and his writers followed this logic by calling David the character played by actor Michael Fassbender.

Is this just a coincidence? Difficult to say, the light never having been shed on this alphabetical sequel enough commented on by aficionados of the Alien universe. Especially since this logic ends with Alien: Covenant, released in theaters in 2017. The android of the feature film, built on the same model as David, is indeed called … Walter!

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