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“Profiling” returns tomorrow on TF1 for a season 10 which sees Shy’m succeeding Juliette Roudet alongside Philippe Bas. Did the first steps of the star singer’s actress convince us? And what is this tenth burst of episodes worth?

Christophe Charzat / TF1

Profilage, launched in 2009

In eleven years and ten seasons of existence, Profilage, launched in 2009 on TF1, has never stopped reinventing itself – or at least adapting its recipe – as it changes its main performers. After the arrival of Philippe Bas at the start of season 3 to fill the void left by the death of Pérac (Guillaume Cramoisan), then the departure of Odile Vuillemin in season 7, to whom Juliette Roudet, has been a recurrent presenter since season 4 , had succeeded as a female star, it is now the turn of Shy’m, his real name Tamara Marthe, to join the series and form a new duet with Philippe Bas from the first episode of season 10 , broadcast this Thursday, March 12 at 9 p.m. on TF1.

Exit, therefore, Adèle, following the will of her interpreter to explore other roles, and places Elisa Bergman, a “scammer” with a troubled past who, after posing as a shrink to a Rock put foot, will have to abandon her suspect status to become an improvised investigator in order to help the police commander solve a murder they both witnessed. Before joining full time the ranks of the 3rd DPJ of Paris as a new psycho-criminologist at the request of Commissioner Lamarck, for the greatest “happiness” of Rocher with whom the sparks are immediately felt.

With the arrival of the mysterious Elisa, the writers of the series created by Fanny Robert and Sophie Lebarbier thus manage to imagine a new duo with interesting dynamics which abandons a certain form of gravity, inherent in Adèle and her demons, for us take you to something brighter (all things considered of course, we stay in Profiling) and more fun. Making scenes between Philippe Bas and Shy’m a real treat to watch.

Christophe Charzat / TF1

Obviously, tomorrow evening, all eyes will be on Shy’m who, after the song, the dance, the animation of a television program, or even the role of a juror in Dance with the stars, adds a new cord to his arc by winning the main role of one of the most popular series on French television. And if we could legitimately wait for the interpreter of “So what!” and of “Woman of color” at the turn, Shy’m turned out to be the very good surprise of this season 10 and offers a rather impressive performance which should without difficulty silence those who saw in the announcement of his arrival in the series one simple stroke of com ‘on the part of TF1.

Sparkling and quite disconcerting natural, the young actress imposes from the first episode a heroine with many facets that fans should quickly adopt and who manages to easily forget the absence of Adele, who had yet become small little by little the real pulsating heart of Profiling. Undeniably, it is a new chapter of the detective series which opens with this tenth season and Elisa, which hides many secrets and as many gray areas linked to its past under a good layer of humor and playfulness, may well ensure a few very good years for Profilage and the investigators of the 3rd DPJ.

After a very successful season 9, which ended in apotheosis and had certainly offered Philippe Bas his most interesting score by exploring the youth and injuries of Rocher, Profilage returns with a new shortened batch that only has 8 episodes but does not lack efficiency. While the first two episodes focus on introducing Elisa – and Shy’m – into the universe of the series as they should be and do not necessarily offer the most exciting investigations,

The often disturbing side of Profiling quickly returns to gallop and the tension goes up a notch seriously from episode 3 (perhaps the most successful of the season), during which a victim is found … his mouth stapled (nothing but that). Before taking us to episodes 5 and 6, which form a diptych rich in twists and turns, where Elisa’s past will gradually reveal its secrets while Rocher may well make a decisive encounter.

Overall, as in previous seasons, the weakness of Profiling sometimes lies in its uneven “cases of the week”. But the series catches up with its long-term intrigues and it is thanks to its common thread centered on Elisa and to a plot devoted to Hyppolite (Raphaël Ferret) who will come to shake his family life with Jessica (Diane Dassigny) that this season 10 really catches us. But obviously we cannot say too much.

On the basis of the six episodes made available to the press, Profilage, therefore, succeeds in moving into a new era in its history and avoids repeating it by making Elisa a heroine ultimately very different from Adele and Chloe, even if her side a little offbeat can partly bring her closer to the first criminologist of the series, camped by Odile Vuillemin until the start of season 7.

The chemistry between Philippe Bas and Shy’m is obvious and there is almost no doubt that the final of the season will surprise us and mark the minds of fans, in the pure tradition of the end of previous seasons. Obviously already eagerly awaited, this final should also have the heavy task of paying tribute to Jean-Michel Martial, the interpreter of Lamarck who died last October (while the filming of these new episodes was underway), and to offer a Exit worthy of the name to the emblematic curator of the series, who will forever be part of the DNA and history of Profilage.

The trailer for Season 10 of Profiling, which begins this Thursday at 9 p.m. on TF1:

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