Profiling is over: how does the TF1 series end?

Launched in 2009 on TF1, “Profiling” stops after 10 seasons and will not return for a season 11. But, by the way, how does the series worn by Philippe Bas and Shy’m end? A look back at the tragic events of the season 10 finale …

End clap for Profiling. After 10 seasons and 102 episodes on the clock, TF1’s successful detective series stops and will ultimately not be entitled to a season 11, contrary to what had been announced previously. It is Philippe Bas, the interpreter of Thomas Rocher, who himself shared the sad news yesterday on social networks, by declaring: “The page has turned. It was a great adventure which brought me much more than I imagined. Thank you, thank you, thank you … To you, to all the teams, and to all those and those who made this adventure. See you soon “.

The last episode of season 10 of Profiling, broadcast on August 27 on the front page, is therefore now the series finale, despite its conclusion in the form of a cliffhanger. Who will never be entitled to a conclusion in due form. Entitled “Requiem”, this episode sees, from the first seconds, the life of Elisa Bergman (Shy’m) turn into a nightmare. The new psycho-criminologist from the 3rd DPJ in Paris and her daughter Maya are indeed woken up on Christmas morning by a police raid: the anti-gang squad is looking for Roman (Vincent Heneine), the father of the little one, whom she accuses of ” robbing a police van and shooting a policeman. Elisa refuses to believe that the man she loves can be guilty, but a mountain of evidence accumulates against him. She then asks Rocher and the DPJ team for help in trying to understand what happened and save Roman from a Machiavellian plot.

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At the end of a vigorous investigation, during which Roxane (Camille de Pazzis), the minister with whom Thomas is having an idyll, and Roman himself have come very close to the worst, Elisa manages to put the pieces of the puzzle together and understands that she is the target of a revenge orchestrated by Veronica Sinclair, an old acquaintance whom she rubbed shoulders with during her criminal past and to whom she gave a nasty blow that had, without her knowing it, serious consequences. Veronica therefore forced Roman to hold up the police van and she now wants to attack Elisa, but also Rocher, which according to her constitutes “Elisa’s second chance”. The two Profiling heroes are then locked by Veronica in the basement of the house where they are, and discover that a bomb has been planted in the room. To prevent her from going off and killing them, Veronica explains to them that one of them must kill the other. It’s the only way. Rocher is ready to sacrifice himself, he wants Elisa to think about his daughter. But Bergman refuses to see him die and confesses to him that if she has to die, she wants it to be with him. Glued to each other, Rocher and Elisa therefore await the fateful explosion. But eventually, after the countdown, nothing happens. And Veronica’s voice announces to Elisa that she still hasn’t understood that if a bomb doesn’t explode in one place, it means that an explosion has occurred elsewhere.

Profiling is over: how does the tf1 series end?

Christophe Charzat / TF1

Understanding that the criminal responsible for this terrible plot is looking at little Maya, Elisa and Rocher hurry back to the police station. And find out that a bomb blew up the police station. Fortunately, Elisa’s daughter is safe and sound, but Rocher learns from Hyppolite and Jessica that Lamarck did not survive. The illustrious series commissioner rescued Maya, then returned inside the police station to rescue others. And that’s when a second explosion took place. It is on this tragic note that season 10 of Profiling closes. And so the series. Before a last tribute, in the form of a souvenir montage, returned to Jean-Michel Martial, the interpreter of Lamarck, who died during the filming of this tenth season.

And while this poignant conclusion will undoubtedly remain a defining moment in the ten seasons of the series, one cannot help but think that there was still more to be told. If only to close the plot on Veronica – the criminal responsible for Lamarck’s death still being in the wild – and to address the feelings that seem to exist between Rocher and Elisa, as evidenced by their coming together at the time they thought be on the verge of death. But the harsh law of the hearings will have decided otherwise.

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