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Interrupted in early April, because of the coronavirus epidemic which prevented the dubbing of the last episodes, the broadcast of season 1 of “Prodigal Son” resumes tomorrow evening on TF1. But where did we leave Malcolm at the end of episode 11?

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After several weeks of interruption, Prodigal Son, worn by Tom Payne and Michael Sheen, returns this Wednesday July 1st at 9:05 pm on TF1 with three new surveys. The channel had to stop the broadcast of the first season on April 7 due to the coronavirus epidemic and the containment which prevented the dubbing of the series, but the last nine episodes are now ready and will therefore be offered every Wednesday until ” to July 22, to the delight of fans of Malcolm Bright and his father psychopath, Martin Whitly, alias the Surgeon.

But before delving into the rest of the series, a little bit of a reminder may be necessary for some. Especially since the last episode proposed on TF1, “Where it all started” (season 1, episode 11), marked an important turning point in the intrigue and in Malcolm’s quest for truth. So, on what dramatic event did we leave the most unstable of the profilers?

Malcolm confronts the Landfill Killer and uncovers a horrible secret

Knocked out and then kidnapped by Paul Lazar / John Watkins (Michael Raymond-James), who turned out to be the Junkard Killer, “Malcolm woke up captive of the latter at the start of episode 11 by Prodigal Son. While the FBI was doing everything it could to find Bright – even pushing Gil (Lou Diamond Phillips) to visit Martin in prison for information about Watkins, who was no other than an old friend and former “Surgeon’s” killing colleague – Malcolm set out to establish Watkins’ psychological profile, certainly to save time but also to learn more about his motivations. And it was then that an unexpected revelation upset everything that Malcolm thought he knew about his past and his father. Watkins ended up revealing to him that Martin had tried to kill him – him, his own son – during the famous trip to the forest which he had been remembering for some time. But Martin couldn’t follow through and asked Watkins to do the dirty work for him. To escape him, Malcolm then stabbed him. Today pushing Watkins to take revenge and stab Malcolm in return.


At first thinking that the Dump Killer had taken Malcolm to the forest, where it all started, Martin understood at the same time that Watkins was after his whole family and realized, at the same time as us, that Malcolm was really held captive in the basement of the Whitly family home. As Watkins left the basement to go after Jessica (Bellamy Young) and Ainsley (Halston Sage), Malcolm finally managed to free himself from his chains with a hammer and went upstairs in turn to put his aggressor out of harm’s way, to whom he threw a “You are at my house here” full of rage before locking him in a trunk (in reference to the woman who never ceases to haunt the spirit of the young profiler). And after having assured his mother that Watkins could never hurt them again, it was on a hug between Malcolm, Ainsley, and Jessica that this episode of Prodigal Son was full of suspense.

An end of the season rich in twists and turns

When we find Malcolm in episode 12 of the first season, “Internal Affairs”, broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1, the New York police consultant is forced to pass a psychiatric assessment following a new ” incident”. The young man is obviously shocked by what he discovered about his father and this revelation promises to completely upset their relationships in the rest of the season. But these last nine episodes will also be marked by an acceleration of the intrigue around the woman in the trunk, by the highlighting of certain gray areas in the life of Eve (Molly Griggs), and by the arrival of a new enemy in the Whitly’s life, in the form of (another) old acquaintance of Martin … and Jessica. Before a final “cutting edge”, which promises once again to reshuffle the cards for a good part of the heroes of Prodigal Son.

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