Princess Dragon: a delicious children’s tale inspired by the Ghibli films

Princess dragon: a delicious children's tale inspired by the ghibli films

It’s not just Spider-Man on the big screen this week, it’s also this extremely endearing little daredevil heroine. This sublime children’s fable will amaze young and old at the cinema!

Princess Dragon, in theaters Wednesday, December 15, tells the story of Poil, a girl raised by a powerful dragon. But when her father has to pay the Witchcraft with her second most precious possession, it is Foil that he offers, plunging his daughter into infinite sadness and forcing her to flee the family cave.

Poil then embarks on a journey to discover the world of men. In contact with them, she will learn friendship, solidarity, but also the greed that seems to eat away at their hearts.


Our heroine is not a little girl like the others! Hair is stronger than a little girl. She is even stronger than a thousand little girls. We all know little girls don’t breathe fire. Hair if! And she loves it. And for good reason, she is the daughter of a dragon!

Raised from a young age in the forest, among large reptiles, the idea that Poil has of the world will completely change when she meets Princess.

His need to escape convenience and discover the world around him never makes him miss an opportunity to escape his guards. Princess meets Poil during a walk in the forest and, from then on, the two little girls will never leave each other.


As for the dragon, which will delight children who love mythical creatures, it has spent several centuries accumulating wealth. When the time came to have babies, the poor man realized that he was incapable of it. He was very saddened by this and made a pact with the Witchwort. By some unknown magic, the latter allowed him to obtain three eggs. Which satisfied Dragon three times.

From the first two eggs sprang from the dragonets and until then, everything was perfect… But from the third egg… From the third egg, a little girl appeared… Dragon only liked humans when it came to rob them or bite them.

So he was first angry with this little ball of hair that had invaded his cave. He tried to get rid of it several times before changing his mind. After all, her daughter was breathing fire like a dragon.


This pretty tale for children was directed by Jean-Jacques Denis and Anthony Roux, already co-authors of the film Dofus – Book 1: Julith for the studio Ankama. Jean-Jacques Denis is a French director born in 1975. Coming from an animation training at the École des Gobelins in Paris, he began his career as a storyboarder on various animation series. In 2010, he began a fruitful collaboration with Ankama on many projects from the world of Krosmoz.

As for Anthony Roux, also known under the pseudonym Tot, he was born on March 9, 1977 in Montreuil. He is a comic book, television series, film producer, director, video game designer, and board game author. Coming from the fine arts of Tournai, he is the creative and general director of the Ankama group.

“After a film like Dofus, which sometimes had childish aspects and sometimes more teen-pop culture, we decided to make something clear and simple, a real children’s film, without ambiguity.

From the start, we gave ourselves a framework, namely to make a film with a fairly small budget and of a fairly short duration. From this affirmed desire for simplicity, Anthony began to work and nourish the story “, confides Jean-Jacques Denis.

From the start, Anthony Roux wanted to address the child’s place in the family. More precisely, what happens if a child does not quite meet the expectations of his parents, his father in our case? By adding the question of the value of this relationship in the face of ambition and wealth.


“The first theme is the meeting and the spontaneous friendship that will be born between two young girls who are each a disappointment for their father, opposing the project of dominant adults which often divides, to that of children who unites.

In short, there are several themes that are in the background, without trying to make a heavy demonstration, because the film remains above all sentimental and tries to capture the emotion that runs through the heroines during this story “, explains Jean-Jacques Denis.

We decided to take the opposite view of this wave of computer-generated images and to be closer to Ghibli films than to Disney productions.

The animation style and the sound work were two fundamental aspects in the making of Princess Dragon. The graphic choice of watercolor backgrounds and traditional animation, frame by frame, were therefore imposed on filmmakers from the start.

“This is all the more important as children spend many hours every day in front of their screens and are showered with more and more sophisticated images. We have decided to take the opposite view of this flood of images of synthesis and to be closer to Ghibli films than to Disney productions “, specify the directors.

Another very important point of the film: the sound. Whether it is voices, sound effects or music, the filmmakers wanted to continue with this traditional aspect. The actors come from the theater, like Michel Bonpoil and Florence Viala from the Comédie-Française, and will take their first vocal steps in the world of voice creation, playing the king and the queen.

“The film having many scenes in the forest, we recorded the sounds directly in nature to have a sound environment as pure and realistic as possible. With Princess Dragon, our approach is therefore to create a film that will revive, in the substance as in form, with the tradition of tales “, indicate the directors.

Princess Dragon has been in theaters since December 15th.

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