Prime Video: the 7 best SF series to watch on Amazon

A little desire for science fiction? Discover the 7 best SF series available on Amazon Prime. On the program: great intergalactic epics, grandiose and timeless…

Prime video: the 7 best sf series to watch on amazon
Amazon Prime Video

Please note: this ranking is based on the ratings of AlloCiné internet users. Only series with at least 500 votes have been taken into account in this top.

1- The Expanse

In the 23rd century, humans colonized the solar system. The Earth is controlled by the United Nations, Mars is an independent military power. Between them, the other planets are trying to survive on the limited resources of the Asteroid Belt. While tensions are at their height, the ambient cold war is strongly threatened when a young woman disappears and the detective in charge of the case on one side, and the captain of a ship and his crew on the other. , gradually uncover the greatest conspiracy in the history of mankind.

Scenically complex, thrilling and visually stunning, the “space opera”, based on the novels by James SA Corey, has been critically acclaimed and acclaimed by audiences for its acting, character development and storytelling. heavy politics. But we can’t talk about The Expanse not to mention its jaw-dropping photography and special effects. Intelligent and believable, it is undoubtedly one of the best science fiction series of the years 2010-2020 quite simply.

2- The Man in the High Castle

Germany won World War II. America is now torn between the Nazis on one side and Imperial Japan on the other. Nearly two decades later, in 1962, the resistance organized to send precious films to the neutral zone. When her resistant sister is killed, Juliana Crain finds herself in possession of one of these mysterious films, images that could well bring about the fall of the two totalitarian regimes.

Adapted from the homonymous novel by Philip K. Dick (1962), The Man in the High Castle is an uchronic, dystopian and atypical, captivating and breathtaking series. With its cold and neat aesthetics and its breathtaking and realistic decorations, it plunges us into the heart of a terrifying world that could well have existed, before going further and surprising more than one. Oppressive atmosphere, ambitious and intelligent plot, sublime photography and genius actors: everything comes together here to give birth to an original and dark series, produced, among others, by Ridley Scott. We recommend.


In 2033, humans are now able to “download” themselves into the virtual afterlife of their choice. After his untimely death, Nathan is welcomed to the prestigious digital paradise of Lake View by Nora, his customer service representative, who is alive and well. At the mercy of Ingrid, his girlfriend, Nathan must now adapt to his new “life”… Combining sadness and humor with intelligence and sensitivity, Upload is a light and innovative sci-fi comedy and anticipation, terribly endearing, just like its characters and the actors who interpret them.

In addition to its intriguing storyline, Upload also takes on the appearance of a thriller to the delight of its viewer. A moving and charming series that stands out. Human and funny, romantic and quirky, and above all full of twists and good ideas, Amazon’s creation is a series of great originality ready to be binged.

4- Doctor Who (2005)

From David Tennant to Jodie Whittaker, via Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi, we never tire of the legendary Doctor who has made his comeback since 2005 on the small screen in new space-time adventures. A 900-year-old extraterrestrial capable of changing appearance and sex, he/she indeed travels through space and time using his phone booth-shaped ship, called TARDIS, making many encounters before to regenerate as death approaches.

The cult English series is one of those that never ceases to renew itself, whether through its intrigues or its headliners, to the delight of its most devoted fans. Immortal and timeless series with infinite script possibilities, Doctor Who is as quirky as it is profound, knowing how to combine humor and emotion in a rich and fascinating universe, new each time. A monument of science fiction to see absolutely.

5- Tales From The Loop

Tales From The Loop follows the interconnected lives of the residents of the fictional town of Mercer, Ohio which sits above an underground machine, “The Loop”, allowing exploration of the greatest mysteries of the universe. Affected in one way or another by the mysterious object, the population lives strange experiences.

Uchronie set in the 1980s and inspired by the illustration book of the same name by Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag, Nathaniel Halpern’s series is a deep and poignant story about the human condition taking place in a disconcerting retro-futuristic universe. Surprising and yet of great simplicity, Tales From The Loop is a poetic break in addition to a pleasure for the eyes and ears of a rare richness. A unique and melancholy series that has heart and takes you to the edge of science fiction with deep reflection and emotion. We don’t ask for more!

6- Star Trek: Picard

Sequel to Star Trek: The Next Generation 1987, Star Trek: Picard follows the space adventures of Jean-Luc Picard, the famous captain of the USS Enterprise, in a new chapter of his life. With the return of its mythical characters, including a still charismatic Patrick Stewart, the series has not failed to find its most loyal fans, but also to seduce an audience of uninitiated people, all charmed by its new version.

In addition to its production and photography, both neat, special effects and quality plots are also on the agenda. Between nostalgia and new discovery, Star Trek: Picard is a return to basics that knows how to surprise, fascinating faithful and worthy of its predecessors and certainly worth the detour.

7- Battlestar Galactica

More than 20 years after the original and its sequel, it is a re-imagined version of Galactica that Ronald D. Moore offers us in 2003. Battlestar Galactica stands out for its political and social relevance acquired thanks to the reworking of its plot and the reinvention of its characters. The original premise is the same: in a distant galaxy, the last survivors of a human civilization, coming from a group of planets called the 12 Colonies, are forced to flee from the Cylons – humanoid machines of their own creation – after an attack mass that wiped out almost the entire population. They now roam the space aboard civilian starships and the latest military ship, an old Battlestar named Galactica, who has sworn to protect them and lead them to the legendary 13th colony known as “Earth”.

This fiction, the series uses it to talk about real problems. Added to this is the most illustrious writing, directing and acting that brings even more depth to already adored characters. Battlestar Galactica is a beautiful, emotional, tragic, mystical, and modern adventure that makes smiles, cries, and thinks, and thrills. Do not miss.

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