Prime Video: the 7 best detective series to watch on Amazon

Because we all need a good detective series to binge without moderation, discover the 7 best thriller series available on Amazon Prime. On the program: a detective, the tribulations of the Chicago police…

Prime video: the 7 best detective series to watch on amazon

Please note: this ranking is based on the ratings of AlloCiné internet users. Only series with at least 500 votes have been taken into account in this top.

1-Harry Bosch

Homicide detective in Los Angeles, Harry Bosch is in the middle of a murder trial: his own. Although cleared of all suspicion by the police, he is indeed on trial, accused of having killed a potential serial killer in cold blood. The case, very publicized, does not however prevent him from continuing his work and in particular from trying to solve the murder of a young boy whose bones have just been found…

Inspired by three novels by Michael Connelly – Wonderland Avenue, Echo Park and The Concrete Blonde –, harry bosch is a captivating, well-written and well-crafted series. It benefits from powerful plots, a quality that increases from season to season, and a very realistic dark political-judicial atmosphere. Added to this are endearing characters with interesting development, heroes of the show at the top of the list. Harry Bosch, embodied by the excellent Titus Welliver, is indeed a character who will mark you.

2-Chicago Police Department

Second series of Dick Wolf’s Chicago franchise after Chicago Fire, Chicago Police Department (or Chicago PD) follows the daily life of uniformed officers who patrol and fight crime in the streets as much as that of the members of the intelligence unit in charge of major investigations. All of them risk their lives with each investigation: responsibilities that also affect the private lives of these men and women of the Chicago Police District 21.

It’s no secret: Dick Wolf is indeed the master of dramatic detective series, as he proved with his previous Law & Order franchise, which began in 1990 with New York, judicial police and which has continued since 1999 with New York Special Victims Unit, now in its 23rd season. And Chicago PD is no exception. Dark and adapting to current events, the series has everything realistic, relevant and above all addictive. In addition to its always thrilling intrigues, it presents intriguing, imperfect but human characters, to whom we become passionately attached. A series that absolutely fascinates.

3- The Fall

In the north of Ireland, the police fail to solve a series of murders. Stella Gibson, detective and police commissioner, is then sent to Belfast to oversee the case. At the same time, Paul Spector is an irreproachable family man… or almost! A serial murderer, he continues to operate under the noses of the police. Black and captivating series, The Fall is a real game of cat and mouse between two charismatic and fascinating characters. On the one hand, a cold and passionate investigator, on the other a genius killer who will know how to frighten you: here is a most powerful duo embodied by a Gillian Anderson and a Jamie Dornan, both breathtaking.

Cinematography, soundtrack and script are equally outstanding in this deep and dense psychological thriller that manages to show what goes on in the head of a serial killer, without ever being complacent. You won’t come out unscathed: The Fall is quite simply a slap.

4- Animal Kingdom

After the death of his mother following a heroin overdose, Josh, known as “J”, 17 years old, is welcomed by his grandmother whom he knows little in southern California. The latter is at the head of a sibling bathed in crime. The new life of the young man therefore consists in surviving in this pitiless environment and in proving his loyalty to his uncles but above all to the all-powerful matriarch who governs his “boys” with a lot (too) much love… Worked characters, rhythmic realization and quality interpretation: in Animal Kingdom everything is there.

A worthy adaptation of the Australian film of the same name, the series is smart, dangerous and seriously addictive, one of those dysfunctional family crime sagas we love so much. As its story unfolds naturally, its scriptwriting stakes increase little by little: an exciting crescendo not to be missed in this surprising favorite show.

5- Reacher

Former member of the military police, jack reacher no longer part of the US Army. His adventures across the country, however, lead him to get involved in dangerous investigations. In the small town of Margrave in Georgia, he was then arrested for murder. Released, he teams up with two members of the local police, Captain Oscar Finlay and Officer Roscoe Conklin, to investigate a gigantic conspiracy.

A faithful adaptation of the famous literary series of the same name by Lee Child, Nick Santora’s show mixes humor, violence and friendships with dynamism and fluidity. Magnificent action, a frenetic pace and a top-notch cast: you won’t be bored with this ultra-efficient and punchy thriller with a solid script and piquant lines, featuring three main actors with palpable chemistry.

6- Mentalist

Who hasn’t heard of Bruno Heller’s cult series? You know more or less his story: Patrick Jane is a mentalist with extraordinary gifts of observations that he uses to solve investigations with the CBI (California Bureau of Investigation) with special agent Teresa Lisbon in particular. But besides his desire to help justice, Patrick Jane has another motivation: to unmask the mysterious serial killer “John the red” who murdered his wife and daughter…

Broadcast between 2008 and 2015, the series carried by Simon Baker and Robin Tunney is a classic of the detective genre, acclaimed and adored, which has fascinated a large audience for many years. Funny and serious at the same time, always surprising and thrilling with scathing lines as a bonus, Mentalist above all features endearing characters who cannot be forgotten. Original and worked, the show knows how to entertain with its new “investigations of the week” and keep you going with its poignant thread. To discover or rediscover to let yourself be hypnotized.

7- Colombo

On the police side, we are surely no more cult than Colombo. The famous lieutenant, inspector of the Los Angeles crime squad, small in size but big in impact, has indeed left a lasting mark on the small screen. Clumsy and candid at first glance, Columbo is actually an outstanding investigator, meticulous, stubborn and insightful: no detail escapes him.

Funny and endearing, he is accompanied by his dog called “the dog”, his wife who you never see, his gray convertible Peugeot 403 and his eternal worn beige raincoat. But if the series made an impression, it is also thanks to the originality of its concept, which changes from that of the usual detective series. Indeed, in Columbo, we know the assassin from the start of the episode: we just have to watch the way, always fascinating and surprising, in which the expert detective will manage to unmask the culprit. Starring the charismatic Peter Falk in the title role, the 13 Emmy-winning series aired from 1971 to 2003, 32 years of loyal service that will forever be etched in our memories.

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