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Newly landed on the Prime Video platform, the Panic series plays with the emotions of viewers by featuring its heroes in perilous challenges. From The Boarding School to Them, here are 5 series that will not leave you with peace of mind.


Adolescents ready to carry out more dangerous events than the others to win a substantial sum of money? This is THE new Amazon Original series to discover now on the Prime Video platform: Panic.

There are plenty of reasons to panic for the heroes of this adaptation of Lauren Oliver’s bestselling novel. Each staged challenge plays with the participants’ greatest fears: crossing a suspended plank, jumping off a cliff, being locked in a coffin… To win this deadly game, these young graduates seem ready to take all the risks!

Hold your breath in front of the ten episodes of the breathtaking Panic series, carried by a cast of young talents, led by Olivia Welch, Mike Faist and Ray Nicholson, to be discovered now on Prime Video.

The Boarding School: Las Cumbres

Direction the boarding school of Las Cumbres, an isolated school lost in the heart of the mountains in the Spanish series L’Internat: Las Cumbres. His residents? Adolescents considered difficult that we try to discipline. When one of them disappears in the mysterious surrounding forest, the students will try to uncover the well-buried secrets of this disturbing place.

Jumpscares, nightmarish appearances, suspense… Thanks to its distressing and dismal atmosphere, this thriller will delight spectators in search of thrills. Although its distribution is little known on our side of the border, some will recognize in particular Mina El Hammani (Elite) or Blanca Suárez (El Internado, Les Demoiselles du Téléphone). Open the doors of L’Internat: Las Cumbres now on Prime Video.

The Wilds

Change of scenery with the heroines of the American series The Wilds, stranded on a desert island after their plane crashed on their way to a spiritual retreat. Serenity and rest are unfortunately far from what awaits them in these ten episodes, the premise of which is reminiscent of the hit series Lost. And if the accident was not a coincidence …

The Wilds skillfully combines the codes of teen drama, addressing themes such as adolescent discomfort or social pressure, and the survivalist genre, since young women are obviously left to themselves. This thrilling series in the vein of the classic His Majesty of the Flies has already been renewed for a second season on Prime Video.


Arrived on April 9 on the platform, the anthology series Them by Little Marvin features an African-American family recently settled in an entirely white residential area of ​​Los Angeles, in 1953. While their new neighbors give them a welcome most icy and disturbing, Alfred and Lucky Emory will also witness frightening supernatural phenomena.

In the vein of the works of Jordan Peele (Get Out, Us), Them appropriates the horror genre to expose racism in the United States. A true psychological thriller, this first season entitled Covenant brings together Deborah Ayorinde, Ashley Thomas, Alison Pill and Shahadi Wright Joseph. Discover the agonizing daily life of the Emory family now on Prime Video.

The Purge

A horrific cinematic saga well known to fans of the genre, American Nightmare came to the small screen in 2018 with the spinoff series The Purge. Like the feature films, it follows the events of this famous national holiday night called The Purge, where everything, absolutely everything, is allowed, even killing each other. In the first season, we follow the fate of three individuals forced to fight to survive this night of horror.

Created by James DeMonaco, screenwriter and director of the first three opus, the series brings together all the ingredients that made the success of this popular franchise. Who will come out of this nightmarish night unscathed? Discover the two seasons of The Purge on the Prime Video platform.

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