Prime Video: Kick-Ass, Deadpool… 5 anti-heroes to find on the platform

Kick-Ass joins many other (super) anti-heroes sometimes just as sassy as him on Prime Video. From Logan to Deadpool, via the ruthless Rorschach, find these characters not always exemplary on the platform.


Putting on a cute lycra costume and chasing criminals isn’t enough to become a superhero, and yet! Passionate about vigilantes from a young age, Dave Lizewski decides to fight crime in his turn under the pseudonym Kick-Ass.

The only problem: unlike his idols, the teenager has no superpowers. A (not so) slight detail that will quickly play tricks on him. Pursued by all the local bullies, the young man camped by Aaron Taylor-Johnson is forced to join forces with a resolutely badass 11-year-old, Hit Girl (Chloë Moretz), and her father, Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage).

With its irreverent and trashy tone, Matthew Vaughn’s Kick-Ass presents itself as totally wacky entertainment, ideal for fans of the genre, but not only.

Dead Pool

On Prime Video, the king of impertinence himself has already installed his throne: Deadpool. First appearing in 2009 in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the character of Wade Wilson has long been awaited in the cinema by comic book fans, who were rewarded for their patience in 2016 with the release of the film by Tim Miller.

In this exciting feature film, the former mercenary turned superhero thanks to an experiment against cancer is in search of revenge: he wants to find Ajax, the man who almost destroyed his life.

A scathing humor, hard-hitting lines, a subversive superhero at will… This explosive recipe with Ryan Reynolds in the title role immediately seduced the spectators, even giving rise to a sequel in 2018.


Radical change of scenery and mood with the feature film by James Mangold, although the paths of Wolverine and Deadpool have already crossed in the past. In Logan, Hugh Jackman lends his features for the last time to the famous X-Men so beloved by spectators.

In the near future where the mutants seem to have disappeared, an exhausted Logan takes care of Professor X (Patrick Stewart) while he is ill in a secret location. When he crosses paths with a young mutant in danger, Logan comes out of the shadows to come to her aid.

Dark, brutal and moving, this feature film offers a very different tone from other films in the franchise and from superheroes in general. This final appearance of the character resulted in a well-deserved critical and commercial success!

Watchmen – The Guardians

If his name is on everyone’s lips today thanks to the release of his revisited version of Justice League, director Zack Snyder was far from being his first attempt with this superhero film. Already in 2009, he delivered his vision of the graphic novel Watchmen in a complex and ambitious film adaptation.

Set in 1985, in an alternative America, the feature film follows a group of fallen and officially retired vigilantes, including the tormented Rorschach with ultra-violent methods. But when one of his former colleagues is assassinated, he decides to investigate and lift the veil on a disturbing plot …

Remained very faithful to the original work, Watchmen – The Guardians marked the spirits thanks to its questioning of the figure of the superhero, its extremely dark universe and the style so characteristic of Zack Snyder.

The Boys

In recent years, the series also give pride of place to superheroes, who have invaded our screens at lightning speed. If some play the card of heroism with a capital H, others have fun shaking up the codes of the genre with much more daring proposals like the crazy The Boys, an Amazon Original series.

Adapted from the comics of the same name by Garth Ennis, the series features a group of superheroes corrupted by fame and glory, led with an iron fist by a charismatic leader, The Protector. In front of them, Butcher, Hughie and their gang are determined to get rid of them once and for all.

With two seasons already under his belt and a third expected soon, this violent and trashy satire has not finished showing us the behind the scenes of this ever more shady and dangerous super-heroic industry.

Find now Kick-Ass, Deadpool, Logan, Watchmen – The Guardians and the series The Boys on the Prime Video platform.

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