Prime Video: Haunted retirement home and thirsty vampires in the Welcome to … collection

The Welcome to the Blumhouse horror selection is finally available on Prime Video! Choose from 4 new original films.

Prime video: haunted retirement home and thirsty vampires in the welcome to... Collection

Once again this year, Prime Video has offered itself an exclusive contract with Blumhouse Productions to offer itself four of their new productions. After Black as Night and Bingo Hell uploaded last week, subscribers can now discover Madres and The Manor.

Spotlight on these four horror films that promise us beautiful sleepless nights.


What it’s about: Beto and Diana, a young Mexican-American couple expecting their first child, move to a small town in 1970s California where Beto got a job as a farm manager. Isolated from the community and plagued by confusing nightmares, Diana explores the dilapidated corporate ranch where they reside. There she finds a dreadful talisman and a box containing the belongings of the former residents. Her discoveries will lead her to a much stranger and more terrifying truth than she could have imagined.

Madres offers us a plunge into horror based on Mexican folklore. Expect a dark and ominous atmosphere as well as some jumpscares that may turn your stomach upside down. The perfect movie for those who want to scare themselves off on Halloween night. Casting side, we will recognize Tenoch Huerta (Narcos Mexico) and Ariana Guerra (Helstrom).

The Manor

What it’s about: With Albright is moving to an assisted living home with an impeccable reputation. But despite the best efforts of the staff and a budding friendship with Roland, strange events and nightmarish visions convince Judith that a sinister presence haunts the huge property. No one wanting to believe her, she must either escape from the mansion or be a victim of the evil that inhabits her.

A haunted retirement home? You had to think about it! The Manor is presented as a gothic but modern horror story that is played out in a magnificent old building. Like her heroine played by Barbara Hershey, you will doubt what is real and what is not. And you will even come to doubt everyone. Hello paranoia.

Black as Night

What it’s about: A resourceful teenager leaves her childhood behind when she fights a bunch of vampires. When her drug addict mother becomes the last victim of the living dead, 15-year-old Shawna vows revenge. Along with three trusted friends, she hatches a daring plan to infiltrate the vampire mansion in the city’s historic French Quarter in order to destroy their leader and return his followers to their human form.

Change of mood and style with Black as Night, billed as a hybrid action-horror film, also featuring a social dimension and a biting sense of humor (in every sense of the word) . A very good choice for lovers of slasher, hemoglobin and of course… bloodsuckers. With Asjha Cooper, seen in Chicago Med.

Bingo Hell

What it’s about: When Lupita, in her sixties and neighborhood activist, finds out that her beloved bingo hall has been bought by a mysterious businessman, she brings her senior friends together to fight the enigmatic entrepreneur. But when her longtime neighbors start to be found dead under grisly circumstances, Lupita suddenly discovers that gentrification is the last of her problems. Something terrifying has taken hold in the quiet Oak Springs neighborhood, and with each new cry of “Bingo!” », Another victim falls prey to the demonic presence.

Seniors go on the attack in this film at the WTF synopsis. If you are a fan of girls, then Bingo Hell is definitely for you. Be careful, however, of bloodshed which may offend the sensitivity of some.

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