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From this Sunday, February 12, the Amazon Prime Video platform will offer its subscribers the film “Sonic”, adapted from the famous video games!

Who said that cinematic adaptations of video games are synonymous with box office failure? Released on our screens in February 2020, Sonic the Movie debunked popular belief, collecting no less than $320 million internationally (771,000 admissions in France), for a budget of around $85 million. .

A success all the more surprising that no one would have bet on this film at the time of its release. The fault of a chaotic advertising campaign, which notably led to a major reworking of the film – without its release date being changed. A little backtracking is in order.

Industrial catastrophe narrowly avoided

In May 2019, a first trailer for the film adaptation of the cult video game Sonic was unveiled. The promotion of the film then turns to disaster, because of the appearance of the blue hedgehog: not faithful to the original design of the character, the final result is objectively ugly and – let’s say it – clearly sloppy.

This first version of the film becomes a recurring subject of mockery on social networks, a unanimous bashing among Internet users which pushes Paramount studios to take a radical decision by resuming the post-production of the film from scratch to reproduce the identical blue hedgehog appearance in video games.

Paramount Pictures

We’ll let you guess which of the two is the “failed” Sonic

A late but salutary decision, which allowed the film directed by Jeff Fowler to meet an unexpected success at the box office. Better still, a sequel quickly started was also a triumph, with more than two million admissions in France in particular! The dreaded industrial disaster has finally spawned a new box office heavyweight!

The Sonic film with Jim Carrey and the voice of Malik Bentalha in French version is to be discovered from February 12 on the Amazon Prime Video platform!

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