Pride flag: A history of the Gilbert Baker rainbow design
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The bows of their own flag, which is in the sign of the universal throughout the world, LGBTQ, the hope of the people: for the first time to flow into the United Nations on behalf of the San Francisco’s Plaza is a day of Gay Pride, on June 25, 1978.

That was eight colors – two more than today’s version – also designed by Gilbert Baker, is openly gay artist and activist. He who had been sent to go in order to design a symbol for the city, are His LGBTQ friend Harvey Milk, the first openly gay elected official in California.

Baker has absorbed almost the standard of the national body of men from the US, which are of his bicentennial that was celebrated in 1976, and the same is the bow of the heavens do rule, which bringeth forth out of the colors in the light spectrum in roughly the order in which they do a standard. And the meaning assigned to each of the colors, because sex hot pink, red, orange of an effective remedy and sunlight yellow, green and turquoise to the nature of magic and Blue spirit and harmony.

60 In the first place, and to measure the standard of the Baker, 30 from the feet of, who at that time was 27 years of age, with a kind of sewn it by hand. “When it went up and the wind finally took him out of my mind is blown,” he told CNN in a 2015 interview. “Having looked around me, so that everyone who had a flag. I thought he was better than I ever dreamed. “
Gilbert Baker in 2003.

Gilbert Baker in 2003. credit; Film / film / AFP / Getty Images

In the 2003 book by setting 8,000 feet long and 16-feet wide arch flag flying into Florida.

In the 2003 book by setting 8,000 feet long and 16-feet wide arch flag flying into Florida. credit; Getty Images / Getty Images North America / Getty Images

The second is easier to plan the stay after the debut Baker with the river, and he sat down, bicolor raised than all exchanged turquoise, pink on the mass of the shape of the color and sixteen souls.

Put his baker in 2017 and died, at the age 65. At the same conference, after the 2015 CNN shows that the purpose of the nature of the flag. “We need to express our joy, our beauty, our power. I will look at what he did,” he said.

“We are an ancient people who had three wonderful. There was picked for us by nature. We picked something beautiful.”

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