Previously on Emily in Paris: How Does Season 1 End?

Back on Netflix tomorrow, Emily in Paris promises us a season 2 full of romantic imbroglios. But before reuniting with our American expatriate, it’s time to take stock of the end of the first season.

Previously on Emily in Paris How Does Season 1 End

Get ready for a whirlwind of romance! Emily in Paris Season 2 hits Netflix on December 22, but before you jump into the next 10 episodes, it’s worth remembering how things ended at the end of the first season.

After all, it’s been over a year since we first met Emily Cooper, played by the bubbly Lily Collins, the marketing manager turned influencer. Remember, the first season follows this Chicago native as she grabs a unique job opportunity to work in Paris.

She tries – painfully – to adapt to life in the City of Light, to the language of Molière and to French culture, but things quickly get complicated as she tries to find a balance between her career, her friendships. and his love life. Kind of like everyone else, after all. But with an additional degree of intensity for Emily, but also Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), Camille (Camille Razat) and Mindy (Ashley Park).

What happens to Emily in season 1?

At the end of Season 1, Emily is at a crossroads with both her career and her love life. After having faced her boss, the ruthless Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) throughout the season, things get complicated when Emily makes a mistake with a client of Savoir, the fashion designer Pierre Cadault (Jean-Christophe Bouvet ). First dismissed, she makes up for it at the last second and even manages to get Sylvie’s good graces. Well, more or less.

On the other hand, Emily’s love life gets super complicated in the last episode. Attracted from day one by her neighbor Gabriel – also a chef in the restaurant at the foot of her building – she decides at first not to act when she becomes friends with her girlfriend Camille. To keep the mind busy, she then develops a romance with Mathieu (Charles Martins), Pierre Cadault’s nephew and the two plan to take a vacation together.

However, all of those plans change when Emily discovers that Gabriel is leaving Paris to create his own restaurant in Normandy and has broken up with Camille who, as a true Parisian, cannot live anywhere else. Neither one nor two, she rushes to Gabriel’s restaurant to tell him her feelings and they spend the night together.

But patatras, here she learns the next day that Antoine Lambert (William Abadie) – owner of Maison Lavaux, a luxury perfume company, and customer of Savoir – has invested in Gabriel’s restaurant to allow him to stay. in Paris. At the moment, Emily receives a text from Camille telling her that she wants to talk to her …

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What about season 2?

Season 1 ends with this unbearable suspense and Season 2 will have to resolve this upcoming sentimental imbroglio. “It’s complicated because Emily’s relationship with Gabriel is something she didn’t really intend to fall into, and in a way, she’s trying to make up for the chaotic situation she’s created at. the end of season 1“Showrunner Darren Star told TVLine. “She certainly never intended to betray Camille who is her friend.

As Emily tries to maintain her friendship with Camille, while keeping her distance from the man they are both in love with, the dynamic between Emily and Gabriel becomes “very tense“, according to Darren Star.”There are strong feelings on all sides. It’s a triangle. It’s hard for each of them to deal with their feelings for each other.

To keep things simple, in season two, that love triangle turns into a love square when Emily meets the charming and cynical Londoner named Alfie (played by Lucien Laviscount) in her French class. “It’s not love at all when they meet“, says the showrunner.”They are very different, and they have these very opposite impressions and experiences of Paris. As the season progresses, this relationship takes surprising turns for Emily.

While waiting for the resolution of this love square, the trailer for season 2:

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