Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal on Netflix: What's This Two-Part Movie?  - Cinema News

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal on Netflix: What’s This Two-Part Movie? – Cinema News

Notice to fans of the anime: the two-part movie “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal” has joined the catalog on the Netflix platform!


When a dark power takes hold of Earth after a total solar eclipse, the Sailor Guardians must come together to bring light back to the world.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal Part 1 & Part 2 – Available on Netflix


Sailor Moon is back! The famous heroine of the cult cartoon, adapted from the eponymous manga by Naoko Takeuchi, returns to Netflix on the occasion of the arrival on the platform of the new two-part feature film, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal. The opportunity for nostalgic spectators to immerse themselves in the memory of this monument of Japanese animation.

Continuation of the cartoon broadcast in Club Dorothée in the early 90s, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal is directly adapted from the manga, and more precisely from the fourth narrative arc of the series, entitled “Dead Moon”.

Although the diptych does not return to the origins of the character, do not panic since all the elements will be provided to newcomers to join the bandwagon and not miss any of the issues of the film.

Toei Animation / Studio Deen

The Sailor Moon phenomenon in a few figures, it is more than 35 million manga sold around the world (the new edition Sailor Moon Eternal currently released by Pika) and numerous derivative products for an estimated global turnover of around $ 13 billion. The franchise is still considered to be one of the most lucrative in Japan to this day.

Three films had emerged in the 90s: Sailor Moon R – The Movie, Sailor Moon S and Sailor Moon Super S. In addition to the release in 2014 of a reboot entitled Sailor Moon Crystal on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the original anime, Sailor Moon Eternal sign therefore the great return of the franchise. Remember that the diptych, offered directly on Netflix at home, was released at the cinema in Japan at the beginning of the year.

The two parts of the film Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal can be found now exclusively on Netflix.

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