Presidential 2022 – Yannick Jadot and “More beautiful life”: Culture, cinema and…

For AlloCiné, the candidates for the 2022 presidential election reveal their vision of Culture, their tastes in political fiction and their favorite films and series. Today, Yannick Jadot, candidate for the Ecologist Pole.

Presidential 2022 - yannick jadot and "more beautiful life": culture, cinema and...

Yannick Jadot (Ecologist Pole)

Presidential 2022 - yannick jadot and "more beautiful life": culture, cinema and...

Shouldn’t Culture benefit from a sovereign ministry?

I discovered with amazement that Emmanuel Macron was considering merging the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Higher Education. What a terrible signal. The culture for too many years has lacked a ministry that is up to par, stable, inspired, visionary. France benefits from a territory meshed by cultural institutions but they are not sufficiently supported, without clear direction. The cultural decentralization launched by Jack Lang is an unfinished project. The social changes that are shaking up our time – the globalization of the economy and, in various forms, of culture, the awakening of nationalist populist currents, the rise of fundamentalisms… – all of this makes culture even more necessary.

I intend to make Culture a sovereign ministry, with reinforced and increased resources. In particular, we will provide for an increase in the culture budget of 1 billion euros, with 25% of the ministry’s budget earmarked for creation. I like the idea of ​​a French cultural New Deal. We do not know it, but when Roosevelt launched the major works, he also created the National Parks and launched a major plan to support creation. Many important artists have emerged through this plan. Filmmakers John Huston, Nicholas Ray and Joseph Losey got their start in theater through this program. I want to launch a French-style “federal one”, support a new generation of artists, but also support new practices such as those of amateurs, help places in the territories, seek out new audiences.

Is cinema necessarily a political art? What inspires you about the recovery that can be done around a work, such as “Bac Nord” recently?

Cinema is plural and that is its strength. He can be committed, political and social, and he can not be. I am a citizen and a political leader, neither an actor nor a filmmaker: it is above all not up to me to say what cinema should or should not be. I affirm that the cinema should not yield to any injunction to be this or that. Creation is freedom, singularity, surprise.

Concerning Bac Nord: nothing abnormal in a work creating debate, jostling, challenging. And it’s very good like that. But a work of fiction is a work of fiction, not an exhibit serving this or that agenda. Cédric Jimenez, the director of the film, explains it very well himself.

Do cinema and series have, among other things, the vocation, in your opinion, of helping to “move the lines” on societal issues (parity, diversity, etc.)?

It is clear that cinema, series, fiction more generally, move society on a large number of subjects. The visibility that recent series give to characters that were previously absent from works of culture is, for example, excellent news from recent years. The playoffs, writes Martin Winckler, are a vast training ground for life. He is right. With them, we can experience multiplied emotions and life experiences. Fiction, cultural works, is the possibility of traveling through time as through the world, the worlds that make up the world. These emotions, the reflections they can feed, inevitably help to shape the future of society. On a large number of subjects, the contribution of cinema, series or literature to human progress, to greater equality and tolerance, is obvious.

The works can also be a factor of mobilization, of transformation. The successes of the documentary Demain, directed by Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent, or more recently that of the film Don’t look up: cosmic denial show this very well. Concerning parity and diversity, it’s exactly the same thing, the lines are evolving in a strong way and the cinema like the series participate in the evolution of consciousness, from Céline Sciamma to Nakache/Toledano via Jean -Pascal Zadi, we are lucky in France to have committed directors who produce works that move society. However, there is still a lot to do, and we need more different perspectives, this must translate into the arrival of directors from more varied backgrounds.

Candidate… and spectator

If we had to give a film or series title to this campaign…
don’t look up

If you had to give a film or series title to your program…
More beautiful life

A replica of a film or series that inspires you…
“If you don’t like the sea…if you don’t like the mountains…if you don’t like the city…fuck you!” (Breathless)

A movie/series character that inspires you…
Henry Fonda in 12 Angry Men

For which President·e on the screen would you have voted?
Lincoln (Daniel Day Lewis) by Steven Spielberg

The best political film?
The Exercise of the State for the interpretation of Olivier Gourmet and the rather fantastic opening scene.

The best political series?
Baron Noir, even if political ecology is particularly badly treated there.

Your first spectator memory?
Robin Hood

Your cult film?
Once upon a Time in the West

Your cult series?
Game Of Thrones

Your latest cinema/series crush?
Lost Illusions

Film/series music to work on or think about?
The soundtrack of Miles Davis from Ascenseur pour l’échafaud

Note from the Editor of AlloCiné

On the occasion of the Presidential Election 2022AlloCiné gives the floor to the twelve candidates involved in the race for the Elysée, with the collaboration of Camille Marigaux, Culture, Politics and International journalist at France Culture and RFI.

The same questionnaire was submitted to all the people in the running. We will publish the answers of a candidate each day, according to the order determined by the official draw*. A thematic article, bringing together the responses and proposals of the various candidates on topics related to media chronology and piracy, will also be available on our site by April 8, 2022.

*the answers of Emmanuel Macron, in third position according to the draw of the Constitutional Council, did not reach us in time. They will be published as soon as they are received.

We remind you that you should be civil in the comments related to these publications. In the event of overflows and messages that do not comply with the charter, we will be obliged to close the comments. Thank you for understanding.

Don’t forget to vote on April 10 and 24.

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