Presidential 2022 – Philippe Poutou and “Another world”: Culture, cinema and…

For AlloCiné, the candidates for the 2022 presidential election reveal their vision of Culture, their tastes in political fiction and their favorite films and series. Today, Philippe Poutou, candidate of the New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA)

Presidential 2022 - philippe poutou and "another world": culture, cinema and...

Philippe Poutou (New Anti-Capitalist Party)

Presidential 2022 - philippe poutou and "another world": culture, cinema and...

Shouldn’t Culture benefit from a sovereign ministry?

If culture depended on being a sovereign ministry, the question of artistic independence would arise, but culture must shake up, disturb, question… It opens up spaces, it cannot in any case depend on a sovereign ministry, whatever society may be. .

Is cinema necessarily a political art? What inspires you about the recovery that can be done around a work, such as “Bac Nord” recently?

We can say that all artistic creation is political. Creation is and will always be a matter of debate and conflict.

Do cinema and series have, among other things, the vocation, in your opinion, of helping to “move the lines” on societal issues (parity, diversity, etc.)?

Cinema and series can move the lines if they come out of themselves. Everyone is fed up with the series but the series that the different platforms offer us are essentially American series with always the same point of view. The series is a large-scale consumer product. Cinema and series are not meant to be, but can make it possible to move the lines, this is particularly true for documentaries (too little promoted, even non-existent on the platforms, we have seen that the documentary by David Dufresne, A country that keeps itself wise, allowed to discuss the violence of repression…)

Candidate… and spectator

If we had to give a film or series title to this campaign…

If you had to give a film or series title to your program…

A replica of a film or series that inspires you…

A movie/series character that inspires you…

For which President·e on the screen would you have voted?

The best political film?
A country that stands wise by David Dufresne, because he denounces police violence and political repression.

The best political series?

Your first spectator memory?
Feast day of Jacques Tati

Your cult film?
Modern Times by Chaplin and Birdy by Alan Parker

Your cult series?

Your latest cinema/series crush?
Another World by Stéphane Brizé and The Gravedigger’s Wife by Khadar Ahmed

Film/series music to work on or think about?

Note from the Editor of AlloCiné

On the occasion of the Presidential Election 2022AlloCiné gives the floor to the twelve candidates involved in the race for the Elysée, with the collaboration of Camille Marigaux, Culture, Politics and International journalist at France Culture and RFI.

The same questionnaire was submitted to all the people in the running. We will publish the answers of a candidate each day, according to the order determined by the official draw*. A thematic article, bringing together the responses and proposals of the various candidates on topics related to media chronology and piracy, will also be available on our site by April 8, 2022.

*the answers of Emmanuel Macron, in third position according to the draw of the Constitutional Council, did not reach us in time. They will be published as soon as they are received.

We remind you that you should be civil in the comments related to these publications. In the event of overflows and messages that do not comply with the charter, we will be obliged to close the comments. Thank you for understanding.

Don’t forget to vote on April 10 and 24.

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