Presidential 2022: Baron Noir, Years and Years… 5 political series on CANAL+ – News…

Presidential 2022: baron noir, years and years… 5 political series on canal+ - news...

A few days before the second round of the 2022 presidential elections, politics is more than ever at the heart of the discussions. A fascinating subject, often staged in thrilling fiction. The proof by 5 series to see on CANAL +.

Black Baron

Considered – rightly – as one of the best French series of recent years, Black Baron describes the political epic of Philippe Rickwaert, a deputy mayor of the North driven by an irrepressible thirst for social revenge. Between elections, small arrangements between friends, chess games on a human scale, alliances and betrayals, the three seasons of the original Creation involve us in the corridors of the Elysée, and not only.

Carried by the breathtaking interpretation of Kad Merad in the title role, Baron Noir is in the lace casting level with the participation of Niels Arestrup, Anna Mouglalis, Hugo Becker, Astrid Whettnall, Pascal Elbe, Alex Lutz or Francois Morel (larger than life in the guise of Michel Vidal, president of a far left party).

Both fascinating and rooted in reality because inspired by real French political events, the series created by Eric Benzekri and Jean-Baptiste Delafon was designed with the help of political figures such as Bruno Roger-Petit, Alexis Corbière and Jean- Christophe Cambadélis. Fiction has even anticipated certain events, such as the rise of a scientist on social networks or the slap sent to a President….

The 3 seasons of Baron Noir are available on myCANAL.

Years and Years

The simple name of Russell T. Davies is synonymous with television success. After homosexuality in Queer as Folk, space-time travel in Doctor Who, and before the AIDS epidemic in It’s a Sinthe Welsh producer immersed himself in politics through Years and Years.

Divided into 6 episodes, this anticipation mini-series follows 15 years in the life of the Lyons, a very mundane English family. The first episode starts on Brexit with the emergence of a new political and populist figure camped by Emma Thompson. Between the technology boom, global warming, the collapse of the banks… the world is gradually collapsing through the eyes of the members of this family.

A captivating dystopia, the series fascinates as much as it frightens, but shines with the talent of its actors, its writing and its production. An odyssey that is worth the detour and that will quickly rank on the podium of your greatest TV moments!

Years and Years is available on myCANAL.

American Crime Story: Impeachment

After the trial of OJ Simpson and the assassination of Gianni Versace, ryan murphy opened the 3rd chapter of his anthology American Crime Story focusing on the Monicagate. Pushing the doors of the White House and its Oval Office, the 10 episodes of the series therefore return to the Clinton / Lewinsky affair, a scandal that made headlines in the late 90s.

Washington, 1993: Linda Tripp, Vince Foster’s assistant is transferred to the Department of Defense after his suicide. This is where she meets Monica Lewinsky: a young woman who admits having a relationship with Bill Clinton. At the same time, the 42nd American President is the target of a sexual harassment complaint from Paula Jones, an Arkansas civil servant.

Based on the vision of women too quickly forgotten in favor of political noise, Impeachment reveals some well-kept secrets, but above all gives a voice to the victims and to Monica Lewinsky, producer of the series. On the screen, Sarah Paulson, Beanie Feldstein, Clive Owen or Edie Falco are transformed and stunning.

American Crime Story: Impeachment is available on myCANAL.

The Comey Rule

Another highlight of American politics, the career of James Comey is highlighted in The Comey Rule. Appointed in September 2013 as director of the FBI by Barack Obama, this man investigated Hillary Clinton’s emails. In 2017, while he is this time closely interested in the links between Donald Trump and Russia, the latter dismisses him…

Adapted from the autobiography of James Comey, the 4 episodes of the mini-series allow us to discover this little-known political storm and accurately dissect the tense relations between the men at the head of the greatest authorities. On the screen, Brendan Gleeson becomes Trump when Kingsley Ben-Adir is Barack Obama and Jeff DanielsJames Comey.

The Comey Rule is available on myCANAL.

The Savages

Released in September 2019, The Savages marked the spirits by marrying the codes of the thriller to the political sphere. Illuminated by high-flying actors like Roschdy Zem, Amira Casar, Marina Fois, Sofiane Zermani, Farida Rahouadj and Souheila Yacoub (seen recently in En Corps), this original Creation is divided into 6 episodes.

We meet Idder Chaouch, favorite presidential candidate. Jasmine, her daughter, is in a relationship with Fouad, a young actor to whom everyone smiles and who is a hit in the television series Doctor Franck. But on election day, Idder Chaouch was targeted by a gunman from Fouad’s family. Contemporary and family fresco, Les Sauvages films a France between integration and social struggle: a gem!

Les Sauvages is available on myCANAL.

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