Presidential 2022: an interactive Netflix-style experience for Emmanuel Macron,…

For AlloCiné, the candidates for the 2022 presidential election reveal their vision of Culture. Today, Emmanuel Macron, outgoing President and candidate of the Republic in March (LREM) party.

Presidential 2022: an interactive netflix-style experience for emmanuel macron,...

Since March 26, AlloCiné gives the floor to the twelve candidates for the 2022 presidential election. The same questionnaire was submitted to all the people running in the race for the Elysée. The answers of Emmanuel Macron, in third position according to the draw of the Constitutional Council, not having reached us in time, we share below the interactive experience “The Choice” as well as the proposals of the President-candidate La République en Marche relating to Culture, in order to respect equal speaking time.

The choice

To vote or not to vote? This is the alternative offered by the interactive experience The choiceavailable on the Presidential Project website Through Emma’s destiny, from her getting up on Sunday April 10, 2022 in the morning until the beginning of the evening and the result of the first round of the presidential election, citizens are invited to choose between different proposals, in the lineage of the Bandersnatch interactive episode of the Black Mirror series offered in December 2018 by Netflix.

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Presidential 2022: an interactive netflix-style experience for emmanuel macron,...

Culture according to the Presidential Project

  • To give it the means to achieve its ambitions, the budget of the Ministry of Culture has constantly increased since 2017. In 2022, for the first time in its history, the milestone of 4 billion euros was crossed, an increase of 13 % since the start of the five-year term. More than 14 billion euros have been invested to support the cultural world, particularly affected by the consequences of the health crisis. This mobilization of all in the service of culture has contributed to the great collective battle against the virus.
  • The system for intermittent entertainment and audiovisual workers was preserved throughout the five-year term, all the more so during the health crisis, thanks to the “white year” which was then extended by six months.
  • Even during periods of confinement and curfew, filming was able to continue, thanks to a special fund of 50 million euros created by the State, in order to offer French people new productions as soon as theaters reopen. and to continue to nurture the richness of audiovisual production. Creations, rehearsals, recordings and recordings were also able to continue throughout the periods of closure during the pandemic.
  • Culture is also committed and passionate professionals. Appointments at the head of major cultural establishments have been placed under the sign of openness, feminization and diversity.
  • More than one and a half million young people between the ages of 15 and 18 can already have access, via the Culture Pass, to offers from more than 11,000 cultural players. They will be 4 million by the end of the year. All 18-year-olds now benefit from the Culture Pass, with 300 euros to go to the theater, or to concerts, buy an instrument, visit monuments, read manga or novels, etc. The Pass Culture is extended in 2022 and will concern more than 4 million middle and high school students.
  • The France 4 channel is maintained, with a repositioning on an offer dedicated to youth programs during the day, to culture in the evening.
  • The priority is to safeguard and promote our unique cultural model in the world. Since this year, the major online video-on-demand platforms (Netflix, Amazon, Disney + etc.) have been helping to finance national and European cinematographic and audiovisual creation and must therefore respect the exploitation of our works. This is a first at European level.
  • Content sharing platforms must also ensure the prior agreement of authors, as well as the possibility of additional remuneration for authors and performers for the exploitation of their works.
  • In the face of new digital threats, our arsenal in the fight against piracy has been strengthened by creating a single new regulator, the Audiovisual and Digital Communication Regulatory Authority (ARCOM), and by defending public access to cinematographic works and French audiovisuals.

Emmanuel Macron (The Republic on the March!)


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Don’t forget to vote on April 10 and 24.

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