Predator: everything you need to know about Prey, the prequel awaited on Disney +

“Prey” is the name of the new movie in the “Predator” franchise. Not a sequel or a remake, but a prequel set hundreds of years before the first installment with Arnold Schwarzenegger. AlloCiné tells you everything about this project scheduled for 2022.

Predator: everything you need to know about prey, the prequel awaited on disney +
Disney + Star / Hulu

He’s coming back, again. And maybe for good. On the occasion of Disney + Day, on November 12, the platform unveiled its many upcoming projects in 2022. Among them, Prey, a new part of the Predator franchise, launched in 1987 by John McTiernan. The last time the dreadlocked monster showed its fangs on the big screen was in 2018. Shane Black’s film, a direct sequel to the first and second installments, did not delight the crowds, quite the contrary. Designed to revive the machine and offer other sequels in the future, Fox’s attempt was unsuccessful.

Three years – and a buyout – later, Disney wants to get things back in hand. First kept secret by the studios, the information had finally leaked onto the Web. Originally titled Skulls, this new project is now confirmed and expected for 2022.

A prequel… on what?

The current trend in Hollywood is to offer sequels to original films while ignoring all other aspects – like Halloween. Prey seems to evade this direction and takes the form of a prequel, set 300 years before the events of the original film. For its first visit to Earth, the alien will cross the road of the Comanches, an Amerindian tribe who distinguished themselves in the early 1700s. The opportunity to “go back to what was the essence of the very first Predator ”, according to John Davis, the historical producer of the saga, who cites The Revenant as the main reference.

Very masculine, the franchise will this time be worn by a woman, the American Amber Midthunder, seen in the series Legion and Roswell: New Mexico. She lends her features to Naru, a heroine ready to break gender norms to become a warrior and protect her people. His meeting with the creature will be the opportunity to prove to the men of his clan all the extent of his strength and courage. It appears in particular in the first official visual of the prequel.

And made by whom?

Dan Trachtenberg is directing this project. Director for series The Boys and Black mirror, he especially signed the spiritual continuation of Cloverfield, 10 Cloverfield Lane, nice surprise with Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Goodman. Prey marks the second feature film by the filmmaker, who started working on the project 4 years ago. In the screenplay, we find Patrick Aison, producer and screenwriter of the series Jack ryan and Wayward Pines.

Instagram post from the cinematographer Jeff Cutter (10 Cloverfield Lane, Esther) to announce the end of filming:

But when does it come out?

No official date for the moment, only an indication: summer 2022. For his new adventure, the monster will not return in theaters, but directly in streaming. In the United States, the film will be offered to viewers on the American platform Hulu – like the remake of Hellraiser, also expected in 2022. In France, Prey will be released on Disney + Star, the “adult” branch of Disney +.

What about Arnold Schwarzenegger?

The answer seems obvious, but the mercenary Dutch Schaefer obviously won’t appear in this prequel. However, as soon as the project was announced, a rumor circulated about the possible participation of the iconic actor, despite his refusal to appear in the second part – for salary reasons – and Tea Predator by Shane Black.

Check out the film’s official logo:

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