Predator 5: an official title and details on the plot

It’s now official, the 5th game of Predator will be called Skull. Producers John Davis and John Fox have revealed the information as well as clues to the story.

He doesn’t have a lucky charm but he will have a 5th film! Officially announced in November 2020, Predator 5 will mark the return of the famous alien to dreadlocks. The feature film will be directed by Dan Trachtenberg.

After the disappointing The Predator, directed by Shane Black in 2018, the franchise was thought to be dead and buried. It was without counting on the director of 10 Cloverfield Lane, who has been working on this project for 4 years, as he confided last November on his Twitter account.

The filmmaker had not let slip any details on the plot of this 5th opus until February 2021. We now know a little more about it. Asked by Collider, producers John Davis and John Fox have made some confidences.


First of all, they formalized the title of the film, which was dubbed Skull. This is a reference to the skulls that the creature brings back as trophies after its hunt. This corroborates the site info AVP Galaxy, which relayed casting announcements for a certain “Skulls” last February.

The work will feature a heroine, “which is always very interesting“Says John Davis. The latter promises that the story will eye this time on the side of the original Predator with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“We will come back to what worked in the first film. We will see how the ingenuity of a human being, who does not give up, who is able to observe and act accordingly, can overcome ‘a stronger, more powerful and better armed creature’, he explains, alluding to the last part of Predator 1, in which Schwarzy fights the monster with his bare hands.


“In reality, it will look more like The Revenant than any other movie in the Predator saga. You’ll understand what I mean when you see it.”, adds the producer, evoking the survival of Alejandro González Iñárritu with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Fox and Davis were really blown away by the script written by Patrick Aison, but even more so by the vision of Dan Trachtenberg: “Watching the rushes, we realized how completely unique his approach was. He has his own language and it’s very cool, innovative and interesting.”, they confide.

Filmed in the greatest secrecy, Skull would be 75% finished according to Davis and Fox. Asked about the period in which the feature film will take place, they kicked in touch. “We will not be able to get in a helicopter when the film takes place [en référence à une réplique culte de Schwarzy dans Predator] but it will be as intense as in The Revenant. We are preparing a nice surprise for you for 2022 “, they concluded.

Predator 5: an official title and details on the plot

2018 Twentieth Century Fox


The comments of the producers once again confirm the information from the AVP Galaxy site, which revealed a synopsis unearthed in casting announcements.

The plot would therefore take us to the past, to the heart of a Comanche tribe. The story would follow the character of Kee, a young woman accompanied by her little brother, Taabe. Kee (which means “no” in Comanche) is described as a tomboy who rebels against the traditions of his people, wishing to become a warrior.

Taabe (which means “Sun”) would have boundless admiration for his big sister, who would be a kind of mentor to him. The story would take place before the invasion of their lands by the Europeans. When great danger threatens her tribe, Kee will want to prove that she can be as strong as any fighter and save her clan.

Still a little patience before knowing more about this new episode of the franchise, which promises to be a homecoming. How about a mix between The Revenant and Apocalypto?


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